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How Bad Do You Want It?

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It does not matter how revolutionary a book is or how excellently it may be written. A book is but a block of wood until it explodes in the heart of the reader. The goal of this blog is to ignite a passion in you to go for IT! The IT in this chapter is victory.
This Blog asks you, “How Bad do you want it?” There is something that I want you to want and I want you to want it bad. You have an astonishing amount of victory available to you in Christ.
You can conquer feelings of inadequacy, depression, insecurity and confusion. You can take more ground from the enemy than you ever imagined. You can force changes in the world that you never dreamed of.
The plain truth is that we only have as much victory as we want. Victory is not…

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Drone Strikes ? There’s An App For That


Hacking The Drone War’s Secret History




” In 2008 U.S. troops in Iraq discovered that Shi’ite insurgents had figured out how to tap and record video feeds from overhead American drones. Now you too can hack Washington’s globe-spanning fleet of silent, deadly armed robots — although legally, and only in an historical sense.

Josh Begley, a 28-year-old NYU grad student, has just created an application programming interface — basically, a collection of building blocks for software development — that allows anyone with basic coding skills to organize, analyze and visualize drone-strike data from Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia dating back to 2002.

Based on information collected by the U.K. Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the API can be used to create interactive Websites (similar to this) that add depth, context and even a little humanity to the sterile news reports of the latest Unmanned Aerial…

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Hasbro Indoctrinates Kids With a Transsexual Superhero

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May 30, 2013


Hasbro is one of those companies that most of us could never imagine as one of life’s bad guys. The people at Hasbro make toys and children’s entertainment, for crying out loud. Sure they’ve been behind some animated shows that were little more than extended commercials for the latest action figure, but Hasbro has never been high on the list of things parents need to worry about.
How things change. In more ways than one, in this case. Hasbro and Discovery, co-owners of The Hub children’s network, are behind a new animated show called “SheZow.”
The main character is a 12-year-old boy named Guy who gets powers from a magic ring.
It all sounds pretty standard, except that Guy’s superpower is to turn into a girl. Uttering the phrase “You go, girl,” Guy becomes a preteen transsexual superheroine with thigh-high boots and a cape. (And you thought…

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