NSA Slideshow Presentation revamp: the NSA makes ugly slides…

Stacy on the Right

The NSA slideshow on the Prism Data Collection program is interesting, but ugly.  So Emiland gave it a redo.

Excellent work dude.  There’s something to be said for style.  Step it up a notch NSA, K?

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“Duck the Halls”

Tarpon's Swamp

If you’re a fan of the A&E hit show “Duck Dynasty” and you love Christmas, grab your sleigh bells and get ready. Universal Music Group announced on Monday it is releasing a Christmas album featuring the Robertson clan due out on October 29.


“Duck the Halls” ….

“The family grew up singing in church and has many musical members who will be showcasing their talents on the album,” ET reports.

It’s unclear if Uncle Si will be adding his unique twist to any classic tunes, but fans will surely be hoping for it.

“Faith, family and ducks — in that order — have always been our priorities,” Willie Robertson, the CEO of the family’s Duck Commander duck call business, told ET.

“Christmas is an important holiday for us not only because of our strong faith but also our holiday family traditions. We’re having a great time making this album,”…

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FBI Requests For Records Under Patriot Act Have Increased 1,000% In Just Four Years

The Daley Gator

It’s not just the , it’s the scope of them. They’re not demanding records related to particular investigations anymore, they’re demanding huge troves of records on random Americans for data-mining purposes, the same thing Patriot Act co-author Jim Sensenbrenner a few days ago but somehow didn’t foresee in 2001.

Like I said, you might want to .

“That they were using this (provision) to do mass collection of data is definitely the biggest surprise,” said Robert Chesney, a top national security lawyer at the University of Texas Law School. “Most people who followed this closely were not aware they were doing this. We’ve gone from producing records for a particular investigation to the production of all records for a massive pre-collection database. It’s incredibly sweeping.”…

[I]n the years since [2003], the FBI’s use of Section 215 quietly exploded, with virtually no public notice or debate. In 2009, as part of…

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