Double life of the cop ordered to dig the dirt: Married officer slept with members of anti-racism group he was sent to infiltrate and attacked police while undercover

Immigration Bill: From Obama phones to Obama cars

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Progressives buying souls of young Americans collage


Breitbart News has learned there is a provision included in the immigration bill that could be used to give free cars, motorcycles, scooters or other vehicles to young people around the country over a period of 15 months after the bill passes.  The new provision is a result of the latest addition to the Corker-Hoeven amendment, which is essentially an entirely new version of the bill.

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York uncovered the new Obama stimulus program that Gang of Eight members and other Senate Republicans inserted into the bill as a sweetheart deal for liberal Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). The left leaning Senator was previously critical of the legislation. …

… A provision under that new stimulus program title allows for the use of spending the taxpayer money on the program to provide transportation for youth to and from their jobs.

(1) IN…

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Senate Bill Incentivizes Employers To Fire Americans and Hire Amnestied Immigrants

Under the Gang of 8’s backroom immigration deal with Senators Schumer, Corker and Hoeven, formerly illegal immigrants who are amnestied will be eligible to work, but will not be eligible for ObamaCare. Employers who would be required to pay as much as a $3,000 penalty for most employees who receive an ObamaCare healthcare “exchange” subsidy, would not have to pay the penalty if they hire amnestied immigrants.

Consequently, employers would have a significant incentive to hire or retain amnestied immigrants, rather than current citizens, including those who have recently achieved citizenship via the current naturalization process.

The issue is really an “interaction effect” of the immigration proposal and ObamaCare itself.

Beginning in January, businesses with 50 or more full-time employees, that do not currently offer healthcare benefits that are considered “acceptable” by the Obama administration, must pay a penalty if at least one of their workers obtains insurance on a new government-run “exchange.” The penalty can be as much as $3,000 per employee.

Many employers have been preparing to cope with the new regulations by slashing the hours of full-timers to part-time status. Since “full-time,” in the language of ObamaCare, is averaging 30 hours per week, employers will, in general, receive the penalty if they have 50 or more employees who are working an average of 30 hours per week.

If the immigration bill becomes law, many employers could receive incentives of hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire amnestied immigrants over American citizens. In addition, these newly legalized immigrants could work “full-time,” an advantage for companies and businesses as well, while employers could lay off or diminish to “part-time” status, American workers.

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Jim Carrey Slams His New Movie Because He Sucks As An Actor And As a Person

The Roberts Court Continues It’s Cowardly Ways


Supreme Court Sends Affirmative Action Case Back To Lower Court



” In a 7-1 decision that drew several liberal votes, justices directed a lower appellate court to examine more closely the University of Texas’s admissions policies that can take race into account. Though the university now faces tougher scrutiny, the decision leaves intact an earlier ruling that allows affirmative action for colleges.

“A university must make a showing that its plan is narrowly tailored to achieve the only interest that this court has approved in this context, the benefits of a student body diversity that encompasses a broad array of qualifications and characteristics of which racial or ethnic origin is but a single though important element,” Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the majority.

The decision sends the affirmative action challenge back to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which is supposed to determine “whether the university has offered…

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NSA has total access via Microsoft Windows

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‘They can effectively compromise your entire operating system’


WASHINGTON – The National Security Agency has backdoor access to all Windows software since the release of Windows 95, according to informed sources, a development which follows the insistence by the agency and federal law enforcement for backdoor “keys” to any encryption, according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

Having such “keys” is essential for the export of any encryption allowed under U.S. export control laws to foreign users.

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Watch George Zimmerman v Trayvon Martin trial live stream.

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george zimmerman trayvon martin

I have embedded a code on one of my blogs that is running the George Zimmerman v Trayvon Martin trial live for those interesting in watching the trial live. (Trying to figure out how to embed on

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