IMMIGRATION: Diane Feinstein “can’t remember” how many DUIs an illegal alien can have and still be legalized.

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When Senator Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.)  “can’t remember” how many DUIs an illegal alien can have and still be legalized under the immigration bill, you know that (i) she has not read the bill and (ii) that this legislation is so grimy that Progressives will do everything possible to avoid discussing the contents.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)  said on Tuesday she ‘can’t remember’ how many DUIs an illegal alien can have and still be made a legal resident of the United States under the immigration reform bill being considered this week in the Senate.

In fact, even after the inclusion of the Corker-Hoeven amendment on Monday, the Senate bill will allow an illegal who has two DUI convictions to be granted legal status in the United States and put on a path to citizenship. (See pages 251-253).

At the Capitol, asked Feinstein, ‘Under the Corker-Hoeven amendment last night, the…

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“Global Warming” HOAX Is Obama’s Strategy To Keep Focus Off #Benghazi, #IRS, #Illegals #Arming Syrian Jihad

The Mad Jewess

“Global Warming” HOAX Is  Obama’s Strategy To Keep Focus Off #Benghazi, #IRS, #Illegals #Arming Syrian Jihad

It is a hoax.  Anyone with a brain knows it is the end age and the ‘warming’ is happening because it is WRITTEN in the Bible.  Of course, the Commie-lib cabal will never own up to the Bible being the truth.  At any rate: Obama does not want people to concentrate on his many scandals, ‘gate’s’, targeting patriots, covering up Benghazi murders, fast and furious, birthergate, ETC…  The last political shindig I attended up here, the rep advised us that Obama will use many things to distract off of the issues that are burying him in the polls.  

So, please advise that this is what is happening; DISTRACTION.

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J. Warner Wallace: what causes Christians to be fearful of explaining their faith?


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I’m presently training a group of high school students at the Unleashed Camp here in Southern California held on the campus of Vanguard University. This camp prepares young people to share and defend their faith, and students spend every afternoon putting what they learn into practice as they share the Gospel with people in the local community. Yesterday was the first day of the camp, and there were many students there who had never participated in evangelism of this nature. I could sense some nervousness in the room. So, I began by asking what caused them to be fearful about sharing the Gospel. – See more at:

[…]They were afraid about how they might look or what might happen to them. Would they experience something awkward or embarrassing? Would they become uncomfortable? Would they experience some pain? Most…

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