Sunlight and Disenfectant – Terry McMillan gets taste of her own meds as she backpedals from racist tweet

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terry mcmillan sunlight and disenfectant

Still on a roll from lambasting SCOTUS for yesterday’s voting rights decision, author, elitist and race baiter, Terry McMillan found herself on the receiving end of a twitter war that she started.  The twitter war erupted after McMillan wrote the posted a rather tasteless tweet about Mexicans.

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For some reason, the “Waiting to Exhale” author decided to share these thoughts with her Twitter followers this morning:

terry mcmillan tweet about Mexicans

Needless to say, despite deleting the tweets, Ms. McMillan found herself in the hot seat (warning: raw language):

response to mcmillan mexican tweet 001response to mcmillan mexican tweet 002response to mcmillan mexican tweet 003response to mcmillan mexican tweet 004

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And so it went all morning as McMillan continued to backpedal in an “I’m not like that” kind of way.

Oh yes and then there was the blame game, i.e., twitter cut off part of her tweet yada, yada, yada but it was too late, the fire was lit.

Unfortunately for McMillan, many of the people responding are fans, former…

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