PBS Says That The Discovery Of Global Warming Was More Important Than The Invention Of The Smallpox Vaccine

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PBS says that a 0.7C rise in global temperature over the last 150 years is worse than this:

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Note that this guy doesn’t have the same smug look as the feminine hygiene product narrator in the video above.

By the mid-18th century smallpox was a major endemic disease everywhere in the world except in Australia and in several small islands. In Europe smallpox was a leading cause of death in the 18th century, killing an estimated 400,000 Europeans each year.[59] Through the century smallpox resulted in the deaths of perhaps 10% of all the infants of Sweden every year,[10] and the death rate of infants in Russia may have been even higher

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Mayhem: 10 Killed, 210 Wounded In Egypt As Islamists Clash With Military (Video)

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Enraged Islamists pushed back against the toppling of President Mohammed Morsi, as tens of thousands of his supporters marched in Cairo on Friday to demand his reinstatement and attacked his opponents. Nighttime clashes raged with stone-throwing, firecrackers and gunfire, and military armored vehicles raced across a Nile River bridge in a counterassault on Morsi’s supporters.

Mayhem nationwide left at least 10 people dead and 210 wounded as Morsi supporters stormed government buildings, vowing to reverse the military’s removal of the country’s first freely elected president. Among the dead were four killed when troops opened fire on a peaceful march by Islamists on the Republican Guard headquarters.

In a dramatic appearance – his first since Morsi’s ouster – the supreme leader of the Muslim Brotherhood defiantly vowed the president would return. “God make Morsi victorious and bring him back to the palace,” Mohammed Badie proclaimed from a stage before a crowd…

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54 Months: Longest Stretch of 7.5%+ Unemployment on Record

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Jobs, jobs, jobs … Phttt! Remember that three letter word …

Since January 2009, when Barack Obama was inaugurated as president, the United States has seen 54 straight months with the unemployment rate at 7.5 percent or higher, which is the longest stretch of unemployment at or above that rate since 1948, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics started calculating the national unemployment rate.

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Main Core: A List Of Millions Of Americans That Will Be Subject To Detention During Martial Law

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