Democrat Marion Barry: ‘You Should Probably Be Thrown’ Out of Office

DOE Sitting On Natural Gas Projects That Could Create Nearly 500,000 Jobs And Over $70B In Revenue

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The United States could add thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity by speeding up approval of the 20 remaining liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals currently being reviewed by the Energy Department, according to a report released Thursday.

A by American Council for Capital Formation estimated LNG exports would create up to 452,300 jobs between 2016 and 2035. Over the same period, the United States could add between $15. 6 billion and $73.6 billion annually to the gross domestic product.

“Each project can take five years or more to move from approval to export flow,” the report stated. “Without a faster approval process, it is unlikely that the United States will achieve the economic and job growth benefits that would arise from the higher production of natural gas since other countries may gain market share at our expense.”

The advent of hydraulic fracturing, commonly called “fracking,”…

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One of America’s Most Successful Rock Bands Is an Under-the-Radar Christian Group

Christian rock bands don’t often find mainstream media outlets profiling them. But Skillet, a popular group among the faithful, was the focus of an intensive New York Times article this week.

Perhaps it was Skillet’s record sales that attracted attention. After all, as the Times notes, only three bands had albums that sold over one million last year. Black Keys and Mumford & Sons were the first two. The third? Skillet.

While the first two ensembles have had massive secular success, it’s fascinating and noteworthy to consider that this third, a Christian group, has also been able to make such a widespread impact on the music scene. It’s not the first time that a faith-based band has seen a hit or two, but Skillet’s impact is much more long-standing.

It’s not only Christians who are buying Skillet’s albums. Somehow, the band has been able to attract non-believers as well. Many times, crossover groups frustrate Bible-believers and are seen as abandoning the faith. But in this case, the band has been able to appeal to both sides of the aisle — a rarity in the modern music world.

Lead singer and bassist John Cooper, 38, told the Times his secret.

“That is a little bit of a trick. I tend to write songs I believe in,” he said. “That get my message across in the best way possible and leave it as nonthreatening as possible.”

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Homeland, DOJ Prepare and Push for Zimmerman Verdict Riots

On Wednesday, Sanford Chief of Police Cecil Smith told Breitbart News exclusively that there is “nothing out there” suggesting civil unrest will take place in the city following the George Zimmerman verdict. He did state, however, that the Police Department had been coordinating with federal authorities, including the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice. More specifically, Smith stated that the Sanford PD had been coordinating with Community Relations Service regional director Thomas Battles at the DOJ.

Battles is currently under fire for his involvement in the CRS’ work with regard to “marches, demonstrations, and rallies” related to Trayvon Martin, as well as providing support for protest deployment in Florida, and onsite mediation and conciliation during demonstrations.

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Obama’s DOJ: The New Brownshirts Who Are Railroading American Citizens, While Pushing For Race Riots and Marhsall Law

A division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) was deployed to Sanford, Florida in 2012 to provide assistance for anti-George Zimmerman protests, including a rally headlined by activist Al Sharpton, according to newly released documents.

The Community Relations Service (CRS), a unit of DOJ, reported expenses related to its deployment in Sanford to help manage protests between March and April 2012, according to documents obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

CRS spent $674.14 between March 25-27 related to having been “deployed to Sanford, FL, to work marches, demonstrations, and rallies related to the shooting and death of an African-American teen by a neighborhood watch captain.” CRS spent another $1,142.84 for the same purpose between March 25-28.

CRS spent $892.55 “to provide support for protest deployment in Florida” between March 30-April 1, and $751.60 “to provide technical assistance to the City of Sanford, event organizers, and law enforcement agencies for the march and rally on March 31.”

Sharpton, who promoted the Tawana Brawley hoax in the 1980s and in 1995 led a protest against the “white interloper” owner of a Harlem clothing store that ended in a deadly shooting rampage at the store, was a featured speaker at the March 31 rally, called “The March for Trayvon Martin,” where he advocated for Zimmerman’s prosecution.

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Dem Loon Sheila Jackson Lee Blames Republicans For Starving Children… Ignores Michelle Obama’s Regulations That Are Starving The Children

The House Republicans stripped Food Stamp funding from a Farms bill. The Democrats are going nuts and screaming that Republicans want to starve the children… bla… bla… bla. The usual Chicken Little BS about Republicans.

Democrat Loon Sheila Jackson Lee actually claimed on the House floor that a lack of food stamps will lead to a lack of protein which is responsible for brittle bones. Who knew? I was under the impression that calcium (not protein) was responsible for bone strength… LOL…

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