STUPID And RACIST “Lynch Zimmerman” Crowd Calls for Boycott of Charles Barkley

2 ‘Sons Of Obama’ Murder A White Man. Another ‘Nigga’ Murders White Woman & Her Child

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2 ‘Sons Of Obama’ Murder A White Man. Another ‘Nigga’ Murders White Woman & Her Child

[Edit: We are seeking the new link to the crime below with the mother and little girl]

If this was in reverse, the media would be having a field day. The MSM will not cover these horrific murders.  In  their opinion, whites are hunting blacks. And, even though Zimmerman is Hispanic: The MSM does not care about that fact.  They just want a pretend racial crime to start a race war.

Perps of the murder:

Michael Pindling and 21-year-old Dereon Wallace

Victim, Robert Pett:

Robert Pett.

Ga. — Valdosta police are charging two men with murder in the death investigation of Robert Pett. On July 13, 2013, Pett’s body was found behind an abandoned house located in the 200 block of Walnut Street in Valdosta. The men accused of killing Pett, 22-year-old Michael Pindling and 21-year-old Dereon Wallace, had only been in…

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Mike Lee promises every way possible to stop Obamacare

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Republican Sen Mike Lee on Friday while promoting his book, “Why John Roberts Was Wrong About Healthcare,” let it be known he would be going all out to prevent President Barack Obama’s 2010 health care reform law, otherwise known as Obamacare, from being funded.

Lee first attacked the Obama administration for its explanation as to why the Obamacare law was unpopular, for which it often blames the Republican Party.

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