At least 80 people are dead and hundreds injured in Cairo after security forces attacked supporters of ousted President Morsi

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Interior Minister denies police ‘Brotherhoodization’

Sat, 23/02/2013 – 17:52

Hundreds of low-ranking police officers protest outside headquarters of Alexandria Security Directory, 12 February 2013. Low-ranking police personnel in 10 governorates are staging a sit-in and shutting down security departments to express their rejection of new legislation organizing demonstrations.

Tarek Alfaramawy

Egypt Independent

Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim has denied that a “Brotherhoodization” of the police is underway, and has also said that representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau do not attend meetings of the police’s supreme council.

Ibrahim added that such meetings are “known to all, and not a secret.”

In an interview with state-run newspaper Al-Akhbar Saturday, Ibrahim also said that the situation in Port Said was “serious,” and said that it escalated until relatives of the defendants and protesters were sitting-in at the prison to prevent them from being moved to Cairo.

According to Ibrahim, it would have been impossible to deport the rest of the defendants to the court in Cairo before the verdict, claiming that such a move would have caused “violent conflict and casualties.”

The interior minister also said that the storming of the…

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Barack HUSSEIN Obama Acts As A Shield For Islamic Regimes: Iranian Freedom Fighters Exposed His Hand…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

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Many moons ago – at least in the time frame of too many ADD-afflicted westerners – the Islamist-in-Chief was immersed, as usual, in perpetual campaign mode and golf jaunts, all the while Iranian freedom fighters were slaughtered in their streets. Barely 4 years have passed since the leader of the free world ignored their pleas, as Iranians begged for assistance to remove the boot of the mullahs via the so called “twitter revolution. Obama Inc’s national disgrace is amply described within the above Washington Times Editorial.

It goes without saying, the Islamist-in-Chief has no interest in freeing the Mid East from the sword of Islam. His embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia is more than emblematic of said charge. In fact, the polar opposite is the case. Currently, the leader of the free world is agitating…

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Pakistan: Grandfather Goes On ‘Honor Killing’ Rampage After Daughter Marries The Man She Loved

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Islam honors death. But not life …

Matthew 24:12, “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

By Nida Nida, Asian Human Rights Commission – “It was spine-chilling for Pakistanis to hear news of the grandfather who killed his daughter and his own grandchildren only for protecting the so-called honour of the family. The crime was that the daughter had married a man of her own choice, and not that of the head of her family. The father was so vindictive he waited five years to take revenge for his ‘honour’. He was quite satisfied after taking his revenge on the grand children, who had nothing to do with their mother’s decision to marry of her own choice. He didn’t stop there either. He also killed two young men, brothers of the groom, as he held them responsible too for dishonouring his prestige.

Ms. Shahnaz Tahir…

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The Brutality Of Islamic Law – This Is What Islam Brings To Civilization (Graphic Warning)

Taking Back America

Wherever Sharia law is implemented, the inevitable result, by its very nature, must be a primitive, barbaric, and highly discriminatory society.

These backward societies encourage and delight in routine, collective violence, that is always extremely cruel and often intentionally fatal, against defenseless and helpless individuals.

This video will very briefly show several photographs of such atrocities, purely to illustrate the specific points being made and to have you in no doubt, that these are very real consequences of muhammadan islam in action, wherever Sharia is allowed to assert itself anywhere in the world.

If you prefer not to be confronted with the reality of muhammadan muslims obeying allah’s & muhammad’s extremely violent injunctions, then please feel free to listen only.

The Brutality Of Islamic Law – This Is What Islam Brings To Civilization (Graphic Warning)

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