Car runs down vendors and pedestrians on Venice Beach, California

End Time Bible Prophecy

A car apparently drove down the board walk running into vendors and pedestrians.   Los Angeles fire department says that 9 people are injured.

Update: 12 people injured, two critical.

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It’s @BarackObama’s Birthday…

The Mad Jewess

Have a crappy Birthday, Obama–you psychotic piece of wacko.

I sure hope they invent scratch and sniff internet soon.
I’m black, I’m white
and everyone
thinks I stink too!

Obama Joke 01
Bill Clinton said, “I didn’t inhale.”
Barack Obama says, “I didn’t inject.”

Obama Joke 02
Richard Nixon said “I am not a crook!”
Barack Obama says “I am not on crack!”

Obama Joke 03
Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here!”
Barack Obama says, “Leave the bucks here!”

This is what I hope happens to BHO for his B-day:

Happy Birthday, Prez IDIOT-Moron, Epic Jackass.

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