This Puts Obama’s Ineligibility In A Whole New Light: Natural Born Citizen For Dummies

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!

I watched this video from a post on ‘Gulag Bound’. (Click name to visit site) It’s a great post and video.  While many are focused on the fact that obama’s birth certificate was fixed, they totally forgot about this law.  I knew about it, but didn’t do any further searching for it, with everything that has come to light about obama.  Until I read and watched this.  It lays it out very plain, and it’s incredible how Americans have been misled.  The government run media whipped everyone up into a frenzy including the MSNBC host that ‘felt all tingly’.  And everyone didn’t care about ineligibility, while the powers that be spent millions on covering up.  Well here it is in plain language.  And this gives new light to the meaning of ineligible.  And remember Daniel in the old testament describes this too about the spirit of antichrist that will…

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President Obama Hates Black People

‘Mock Obama Day’

Glenn Beck announced that it would be “mock Obama day” on his radio program Tuesday, following the controversy at the Missouri State Fair where, after a rodeo clown wore a mask resembling the president’s face, everyone from the fair’s top officials to the governor apologized, before permanently banning the rodeo clown from performing at the venue in the future.

“Today is mock Obama day,” Beck began in a stilted tone, plainly reading from a teleprompter. “We’ll be mocking Obama all day today, because that’s what we do in America. Obama is not Mohammed.”

Beck continued to repeat the statement, even reading it backwards as the prompter reversed direction, explaining softly: “That’s all that’s in there, I don’t know what else…I’m waiting for my speech – staff! Where’s my speech because I don’t have my prepared remarks here…”

Beck then showed a picture of the president speaking with two teleprompters at a kindergarten:

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In Honor of #MockObamaDay

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