Hilarious Video: Man Call NSA in Attempt to Recover Deleted Email

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call NSA in case of lost email screenshot

Published to YouTube on Sep 2, 2013


Iranian-Dutch filmmaker Bahram Sadeghi accidentally deleted an email message and couldn’t get it back, so he decided to call up an organization with a reputation for email storage: the U.S. National Security Agency.

When he couldn’t get an NSA employee to admit to collecting email and Internet data, he let her know that he was born in Iran, so maybe he’s a person of interest to the NSA. Could she check for his email now?

What happened next was a 5-minute cat-and-mouse game with two NSA employees, where Sadeghi tried to draw out various admissions about surveillance programs, and the NSA tried to get his name and contact information.

Hey, at least they had some helpful advice for him. That’s better than most actual tech support lines.



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USA Has Murdered 55 + Million Babies, Yet Worried About Assad Having Gases To Take Out Al Qaeda

The Mad Jewess

USA Has Murdered 55 + Million Babies, Yet Worried About Assad Having Gases To Take Out Al Qaeda

Of course, the left wing filth think its GREAT to murder babies..And help enemies.

Last night, I was in a chat-room.  I was debating some left-wing schmuck who wants to blow everyone up all over the planet. He wants to do this because he thinks America is a righteous nation.  This is the conversation we are up against.  These types of humans refuse to see how America murders babies by abortion.  Refuses to see the militant gays marrying each other.  Refuses to look at filth like Miley Cyrus or Lady Goof off. Refuses to see the rampant sexual cancer and moral debauchery in our cities.  Refuses to look at the genocide of white people.  Refuses to see 25 million illegal occupiers who take jobs from Americans. ETC.

At any rate, this is…

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