Why Americans Are Ignorant and Still Support Obummer

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Why are so many Americans ignorant about what’s going on in this country and the world?  Because  they don’t see or hear what’s going on. The list below shows today’s  headlines [and these headlines don’t change much from day to day] that the average American is seeing when they go to Yahoo news [and other sites like MSN , which aren’t much different]. Now remember –  on Yahoo each Headline is usually accompanied by a small graphic and a synopsis of the story [which I have not included here] which means you have to scoll down quite a bit to get to the first bit of real ‘news’ for today. Note that there is only one link to news about Syria [that article is about Obama winning Congressional approval to attack Syria] , one about Sarin Gas, and two on employment [one of those articles is claiming that the economy…

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Minority voting increased AFTER “racist” voter ID too effect

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Of course it does not matter the Left will still scream RAAAAACISM!

Atlanta Journal-Constitution p. A1, “Voter turnout surges amid five-year ID law: ‘Rhetoric on both sides’ overblown, AJC review finds,” by Shannon McCaffrey (who moved to AJC from AP last year): “Few things stir as much political passion as voter ID laws. Since Georgia lawmakers passed one of the nation’s first and strictest laws in 2005, each side has charged the other with trying to undermine the electoral process. When Georgia became one of the first states in the nation to demand a photo ID at the ballot box, both sides served up dire predictions. Opponents labeled it a Jim Crow-era tactic that would suppress the minority vote. Supporters insisted it was needed to combat fraud that imperiled the integrity of the elections process. But both claims were overblown, according to a review by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution of statewide…

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Professor’s Anti-Republican Classroom Tirade Caught on Video: ‘They Are a Bunch of Dead White People’ Who ‘Raped’ the Country