Russian Foreign Minister: Obama Rebels Gassed the Children

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U.N. inspectors in Damascus at the invitation of the Syrian government and investigating allegations of chemical weapons use entered into a tunnel in the area occupied by the opposition and found it filled with poison gas precursors. However, they had to leave after some of the investigators were overcome by fumes.

Such a development further reinforces an allegation at a Moscow news conference by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who pointed out the chemical weapons attack occurred at the very time Russian and American officials were meeting to prepare for the next Geneva conference – Geneva 2 – to discuss Syria.

Lavrov contends the attack was designed to sabotage that meeting, since the Syrian opposition doesn’t want to have the meeting with officials of the Syrian government present.

“There is no doubt that this hysteria (chemical weapons attack) will work against the convention of this forum,” Lavrov said. “It is…

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Kerry: By “no boots on the ground”, I mean 75,000 boots on the ground

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( – The Congressional Research Service (CRS) said in a report released on August 20 that the Pentagon has estimated it would take “over 75,000 troops” to secure Syria’s chemical weapons.

Meanwhile, the draft text of the resolution authorizing President Barack Obama to use force in Syria that is being taken up by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today prohibits the president from putting ground troops in Syria “for the purpose of combat operations”–but appears to leave open the possiblity that the president could put troops in Syria to secure chemical weapons.

“The authority granted in section 2 does not authorize the use of the United States Armed Forces on the ground in Syria for the purpose of combat operations,” says the text of the draft resolution.

However, Section 2 of the resolution gives the president the authority to use the Armed Forces in Syria “as he determines necessary and…

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