One thought on “Gun Control is for dummies”

  1. Gun control has little to do with guns, but everything to do with control. Yesterday, there was another massacre in a gun free killing zone, at a US Naval yard. What I want to know, is, why are are our military disarmed, when did it happen, and under whose watch? If it was up to me, there wouldn’t be a gun free zone anywhere on earth for law abiding citizens. I know criminals wouldn’t like that, but it would sure save a lot of lives.

    I have never been able to find any evidence that the politicians that want to disarm us, care about the people being massacred, other than the fact that the more killings, the more they can get on their bully pulpit and rant about our God given gun rights, enshrined in our 2nd amendment. Also, I’ve never heard these people give any creditable answer to the question of why would disarming law abiding citizens, keep criminals from having guns, and massacring innocent victims.

    I heard something interesting last night on talk radio; someone that called in to the show said he had interviewed many gun grabbers and ask them if they would be willing to put up signs in their yard, declaring it to be a gun free zone. Even though they want to disarm us, they declined , so this shows they are hypocrites.

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