1,000,000 Bikers! 25, yes, 25 Muslims. Patriotic Americans mark anniversary of 9/11

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I just got home after being gone two days and checked the email. Maybe many of you have seen this all day. It’s fantastic.SEE MORE PHOTOS, VIDEOS and READ MORE!


p1x1.gifPATRIOT BIKERS vs SCUM Muzzies

In a video interview with MRCTV today, the Muslim march organizers would not fault Muslims for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks:

Honoring The Heroes On The Hill

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

HeroesNormally, Modern Philosophers, when I return to The House on the Hill after a long day at work to discover people all over my porch, I am not thrilled.

Today, however, was an exception.  As soon as I noticed the emblems on the uniforms of my guests, I was honored to play host and mad at myself for not getting home sooner.

It was The Devil, my most frequent uninvited house guest, who explained to me what was happening.

“In honor of the September 11th Anniversary, you are hosting a barbecue for the heroes who must never be forgotten,” Lucifer explained as he walked me up to the front porch.  “Don’t you worry, I am making sure that it is a excruciating day in Hell for all those responsible for the tragic events of that day.”

NYPDFor once, I took comfort in knowing that The Prince of Darkness was making…

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Breaking: MO House Overrides Gov. Nixon’s Veto of 2nd Amendment Preservation Act!

Tarpon's Swamp

We’re halfway there.  Missourians are, now, waiting on the state senate to do the deed.  Their veto override would ensure that the Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB 436) becomes the law of the land in Missouri.  This bill nullifies all federal gun laws that infringe on Missourians’ 2nd Amendment rights.

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