Doctors Without Borders: It Was the Rebels

Doctors Without Borders: It Was the Rebels.

A group called Doctors Without Borders travelled to a town called Ghouta, where over 350 people were killed as a result of the chemical attack. After interviewing “numerous…doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel fighters and their families,” they obtained testimony that the attack was a result of mismanagement,… Read More:

Snopes Got Snoped!!

Snopes Got Snoped!!.

Snopes is run by a man and a woman with no background in investigation using Google. has been considered the ‘tell-all final word’ on any comment, claim and email. Once negative article by them and people point and say, “See, I told you it wasn’t true!” But what is Snopes? What are their methods and training that gives them the authority to decide what is true and what is not? For several years people have tried to find out who exactly was behind the website Only recently did they get to the bottom of it. Are you ready for this? It is run by a husband and wife team – that’s right, no big office of investigators scouring public records in Washington, no researchers studying historical stacks in libraries, no team of lawyers reaching a consensus on current caselaw. No, is just a mom-and-pop operation that was started by two people who have absolutely no formal background or experience in investigative research.


David and Barbara Mikkelson pictured above; are from San Fernando Valley of California. They started their website ‘Snopes’ about 13 years ago. After a few years it began gaining popularity as people believed it to be unbiased and neutral. But over the past couple of years people started asking questions when ‘Snopes’ was proven wrong in a number of their conclusions. There were also criticisms the Mikkelsons were not really investigating and getting to the ‘true’ bottom of various issues, but rather asserting their beliefs in controversial issues.


Anti-Islamic Sentiment on the rise in Canada

Anti-Islamic Sentiment on the rise in Canada.

GOOD… Canada is waking up and determined not to go down the path of Europe…

H/T Bare Naked Islam:

GOOD NEWS! Anti-Muslim backlash is growing in Canada

MAC40_RACISM01Recently, a 17-year-old Muslim girl strolled from the Al-Noor Mosque in St. Catharines, Ontario to the plaza across the street. She was planning to buy a drink and snack. Then three non-Muslim teenage girls began asking her valid questions. “Isn’t it against your religion, to be out walking alone?” asked one.

‘Ugly’ words escalated into pushing, then punching. (Of course, they don’t report what the Muslim said to the girls) “There was blood. She went to the hospital to make sure her nose wasn’t broken,” Hamdani said. “Her hijab (headbag) was pulled. You can’t keep it on during a fight.”


The Origins of the Origination Clause

The Origins of the Origination Clause.

The Origins of the Origination Clause

Andrew McCarthy — October 4, 2013

In a Bench Memos post, my friend Matt Franck objects to the contention in my column for last weekend that the Constitution’s Origination Clause (Art. I, Sec. 7) gives the House of Representatives primacy over spending as well as taxing. Matt claims that my interpretation is bereft of historical support, a defect I’m said to camouflage by an extravagant reading of an “at best . . . ambiguous” passage in Madison’s Federalist No. 58.

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Definition of Tyranny: You can’t quit Obamacare – REAL doctors and nurses against Obama Deathcare!

Definition of Tyranny: You can’t quit Obamacare – REAL doctors and nurses against Obama Deathcare!.

The opposite of freedom is enslavement — the denial of the exercise of our free will and free choice.
When a government engages in enslavement, under the guise of legislation and taxation, it is tyranny.
Obamacare is exactly that — and more — as explained by G. Keith Smith, MD, a board-certified anesthesiologist and the co-founder of The Surgery Center of Oklahoma.
In an article he wrote for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), Dr. Smith points out that not only are Americans *COMPELLED* against our will to participate in Obamacare because we can’t opt out of it, the Unaffordable Care Act is a Ponzi scheme that exploits and enslaves young Americans who, under Obamacare, are *COMPELLED* to acquire and pay for health insurance (which most of them, being young and healthy, don’t need) in order to subsidize the healthcare costs of older and sicker Americans.
That is why the POS in the White House has unleashed his army of brain-dead Hollyweird “celebrities” to pimp for Obamacare. Alas, too many young Americans are themselves brain-dead and eager to lend their support to the Unaffordable Care Act against their own interests.
Below is Dr. Keith Smith’s article in its entirety.
Definition of Tyranny: You can’t quit Obamacare

If You Don’t Like ObamaCare, Can You Quit? READ MORE:

25 GOP Votes in the Bag, Says RINO King

25 GOP Votes in the Bag, Says RINO King

ReviveAmerica PAC
RINO PROGRESSIVE King Says ‘Force the Action’Dear Conservative:

I have good news and bad news.

The good news – by the slimmest of margins, we’re holding the line on Capitol Hill.

But frankly, the fight all boils down to one Member of Congress: House Speaker John Boehner.

Fortunately, albeit only because we forced his hand, he’s standing with us today.

But Speaker Boehner is in an impossible position, and he’ll eventually break.

Speaker Boehner is the pressure point between ‘We the People’ and the ‘Washington Establishment’.

The only question is on whose side does he ultimately fall? Will it be with Peter ‘the RINO’ King’s ‘Washington Establishment’ or with ‘We the People’?

I cannot underscore the point enough: You and I must continue to crank-up the intensity of political pressure on both Speaker Boehner and our own Members of Congress. We also need to encourage them to stay strong.

Because at the end of the fight, the grind of political pressure will determine the outcome. We need to support our guys to-the-max’.

Even RINO Republican Peter King — who simply hates Ted Cruz and the tea party — admits as much.

“John Boehner is under tremendous pressure from the ‘Cruz Republicans’ not to bring it up,” complained King to ABC News, referring to his resolution to ‘break’ the shutdown. “We just can’t wait for this to be put this on the floor by the Speaker. We’re going to have to force the action.”

Now for the bad news — Peter King says he has 25 Republican votes in the bag to break the shutdown.

Combined with Nancy Pelosi’s 200 House Democrats, if Peter King can ‘force the action’, compelling Boehner to allow a floor vote, King’s bill passes. Obama wins.

This would be a devastating blow not only to Ted Cruz and conservatives, but also to America as a whole. King’s betrayal sets the stage for Obama to ‘run the table’ for the next three years. Help Us to Stop Him

We must keep and increase the level of pressure on Speaker Boehner.

Can you help us “hold the line”?

By making a donation of any amount, whether it’s $25, $50, $100, $250, or $1,000, you’ll help Revive America PAC keep the pressure on Speaker Boehner and House Republicans. This is our ‘last line of defense’ against Obama.

Help Us to Hold-the-Line

Let’s make these RINOs back down – or pay the price!

Yours for America,

Bob Adams
Founder & President

P.S. – Peter King says he has 25 House Republican votes committed to breaking the shutdown. When added to Pelosi’s 200 House Democrats, Obama can fully fund the government with no strings attached. Obama will run the table – Help Stop Him.

P.P.S. — We cannot afford to lose this fight. Please consider an urgent donation of any amount. Donate Here

Revive America PAC is an independent expenditure only committee. We are registered with the Federal Election Commission, accept unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, and political action committees, and report information about our contributions and expenditures as required by law.Contributions to Revive America PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. *Federal law requires us to use best efforts to collect and report the name, address, occupation and employer of each individual whose aggregate contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year.
Paid for by Revive America PAC
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Revive America USA, Inc. 610 South Boulevard, Suite 100 Tampa, FL 33606 US


Exactly How Does A Food Stamp User look; and Is Payment Profiling The New Prejudice In Society? ?

The Last Civil Right

grocery store lineWhen the what I call, ‘ignorant in action’ walk among us, it always makes for an interesting if at least enlightening day, enlightening because instead of being furious and letting it become a bothersome burden on my mind, I find it’s better to let it go and learn from it, by either writing or harping in a compassionate friend’s ear.  Today I chose writing, well that and the fact that at this time most of my friend’s ears are already being chattered into by business clients.

I have Just returned from running up to the local grocery store to get sugar for my coffee, and of course while there ended up grabbing a few more items.  Apparently there is either some kind of slow computer server issue with payments on the store’s end or my bank, either way my bank card had to be swiped three times because it had…

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Minuteman News Stories 10.04.2013

Minuteman News Stories 10.04.2013.

Supreme Court Case: Does Prayer Violate the Constitution?

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Supreme Court Case: Does Prayer Violate the Constitution?

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Did the Obama Administration Lie About ‘Needing’ to Close Memorials?

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Obama to GOP: ‘If You’re Being Disrespected, It’s Because of That Attitude You’ve Got’

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Obamacare: Let Me To Spell It Out For You…

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OMG! How crazy has Texas become??? School tells cop dad not to pick up daughter in uniform

OMG! How crazy has Texas become??? School tells cop dad not to pick up daughter in uniform.

Political correctness got the better of a Texas school when officials told a police officer he couldn’t pick up his daughter in uniform. Some parents allegedly complained, saying it made them ‘uncomfortable’ because he had a gun. STORY via TheBlaze.

Coptic Priest Fr. Anthony Hanna offers an update on the state of Christianity in Egypt

Coptic Priest Fr. Anthony Hanna offers an update on the state of Christianity in Egypt.

Fr. Anthony Hanna and Egyptian refugees Mina and Mark Shoukry joined Glenn on Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program to talk about what life is like for Christians in Egypt. Fr. Hanna hoped the interview would help in continuing to expose the Muslim Brotherhood for what it really is and to make people aware of the threat it poses to the people of Egypt and region at large. WATCH

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