Do not allow Thought Police to take away our freedoms

Stop Making Sense

From The Scottish Herald:

IN the wake of the former CIA analyst Edward Snowden’s revelations about state surveillance, I thought I’d reread George Orwell’s 1984, written nearly 70 years ago on the island of Jura.

I was taken aback by how prophetic it is. When I first read this novel at school, before personal computers and the internet, the idea of two-way interactive “telescreens” in every home and workplace seemed like improbable science fiction. Not today. Orwell, through an extraordinary feat of imagination, had described the internet nearly half a century before it was invented.

But he could never have imagined the sheer power digital technology would place in the hands of the state to record, store, search and collate information. In the Ministry of Truth they had voice recognition software – the “speakwrite” – but ultimately information was still retained on paper. Imagine Big Brother having access to Big…

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When Journalists Are Called Traitors

Stop Making Sense


From New Yorker:

A military lawyer had identified forty-one highly classified state secrets revealed in a single article. Senior officials were telling everyone who would listen that the journalists’ revelations had made the country less safe and put lives at risk—the reporters were simply traitors. The Russians might be behind it, and who knew what secrets the journalists would hand over if they weren’t immediately apprehended. Their publisher was already in Cuba, or maybe just headed there on a plane—anyway, he was a fugitive. A call was put in to a military attaché in Spain, to ask him to arrange to have another journalist stopped at the border; a soldier thought to be his source was arrested. The country’s leader mocked the media outlet involved: “You’ve got a publication that prints a half a million copies and systematically engages in treason—to make itself some money.” And not just a…

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How Media Shield Law Threatens Journalists: Interview with Zoe Carpenter

If gun control works so well why is there ANY murder in NYC

Bullets First

New York City recently celebrated a week free of murders, abruptly ended by murder.

But if Bloomberg’s gun free city is so great why are there any murders?

Funny thing about that.  Somehow, even with a de facto ban on guns criminals STILL use them to kill.  Another funny thing, despite what Bloomberg prattles on about, you can kill people with things OTHER than guns.

There have been 256 murders thus far this year in the city.  Of those only 148 were committed by firearms.  That means 108 people were murdered by something OTHER than a firearm.

With all the gun hating prognosticators using fear tactics to demonize firearms you would think that without  firearm’s forcing people to do evil their would be NO crime without a firearm.

While the NYPD and Bloomberg were patting themselves on the back because they had one week without a murder I took a…

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MSNBC #Pinko Dingbat “Confederate Flag Threat To Obama”, But Nothing About Illegals OR Commies & Their UGLY Flag

The Mad Jewess

MSNBC #Pinko Dingbat “Confederate Flag Threat To Obama”, But Nothing About Illegals OR Commies & Their UGLY Flags

Does anyone else get sick of the constant bullshit?  Because I do.  The protest last weekend brought out a southern Gent who is also a Marine.  He was a Marine and had Confederate flag with him.  The red, white and blue Confederate flag is a battle flag.  It is part of our history.  To me (now) it represents fighting against a tyrannical union government who forces themselves on all states.  To Commie jerk offs, it only represents slavery.  Why does it represent slavery to them?  So they can pretend to give a shit about black people–which they don’t.  IF they did, they would report the murders, rapes and robbings of the blacks who constantly perpetrate racial/hate crimes against white Americans.  They allow whites to die for the ‘greater good’ and let many…

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Pressure Mounts for Sebelius to Resign

Marine Vet For Freedom

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is coming under fire to resign in the wake of a two-week Obamacare roll out that CBS News calls “nothing short of disastrous.”

In a surprising development, Sebelius’s longtime friend and fellow Kansan, Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS), has gone on record as the first Republican calling for Sebelius’s ouster.

“Americans are tired of the Sebelius spin,” said Roberts. “They can see Obamacare has failed them. We need a secretary who can admit when enough is enough.”

Criticism of Sebelius’s management of the Obamacare launch has intensified in the wake of a blistering interview last week with fellow progressive Jon Stewart of The Daily Show. Stewart asked Sebelius numerous times why President Barack Obama has given big businesses a one-year Obamacare waiver but not everyday Americans. Sebelius refused to answer.

My question is, why stop at just Secretary Sebelius? Everyone involved in the…

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