Regime Slaps JP Morgan With $13 Billion Fine After CEO Criticizes Obama (Video)

Nice Deb

This is how fascist governments work. You play nice with the Regime, or you pay.  JP Morgan learned the hard way according to FOX Business Network senior correspondent Charlie Gasparino. He says the Obama Regime  targeted  JP Morgan and fined them $13 billion because their CEO Jamie Dimon criticized Obama’s failed economic policies.

Sounds about right.

Gateway Punditreported:

“This is something, most of it, that JP Morgan did not do. This was something they inherited. They were asked to buy Bear Stearns. They were asked to buy Washington Mutual. During the financial crisis of 2008. Asked by the US government by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. I know this for a fact because Paulson once told me this…Here’s why they’re doing it. Jamie Dimon went from being the greatest banker of all time, leading his company through the financial time, doing the government a favor to a critic of…

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Impeachment Time

Real Science

As mandated by law, the House of Representatives sent Obama a budget three weeks ago which included a one year delay in Obamacare.

Obama refused to sign it, choosing instead to shut the government down, block off the National Parks, block WWII veterans from The Mall, and declare anyone who opposed him to be a terrorist.

Now three weeks later, he is considering delaying Obamacare, just as the House of Representatives proposed.

The White House appeared to leave the door open Monday to delaying the so-called individual mandate in the federal health care law, as President Obama acknowledged the main website for enrollment is not working as it should.

White House won’t rule out delay of ObamaCare individual mandate | Fox News

Obama is not fit to be dog catcher, much less president.

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The Imperial Presidency

The Rio Norte Line

The irony on this is as thick as cold molasses on a December morning. Obama’s approval ratings are in the Bush range now – and yet, there seems to be no consensus among the “progressive” punditocracy that his presidency is over as there was for W. I ran across this little nugget today:

“Why is Washington still holding hundreds of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, long after years of interrogation and abuse have established that few, if any, of them are the deadly terrorists they have been held out to be?

And why is [the President] still issuing grandiose and provocative signing statements, the latest of which claims that the executive branch has the power to open mail when it sees fit?

I once believed that the common thread here is presidential blindness — an extreme executive-branch myopia that leads the chief executive to believe that these futile measures are…

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