How Lenin destroyed marriage and family in the Soviet Union

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Monica Showalter has been writing a series of columns for IBD about life in the Soviet Union. The eighth and latest deals with how Lenin and the Bolsheviks went about destroying marriages and families. I urge you to read the whole thing (and the whole series) but here are a few excerpts. Does any of this sound familiar?

• Equating marriage with slavery. Lenin and his feminist lieutenants, particularly Alexandra Kollontai, the first female commissar in the Soviet government, considered much of what the suffragettes were fighting for, including voting rights and equal protection under the law, “bourgeois convention.”

What they had in mind was something far more radical: An all-out war on “old and outdated” institutions like marriage and family so dominance of the state could be achieved. Instead of marriage, there would be more disposable “unions of affection and comradeship.”

The first salvo in…

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Over 100 Seattle Businesses Sign Up to Become ‘Voluntary Customer Homicide Victim Zones’

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At the rate of nearly one per day, over 100 businesses in Seattle have signed up to be a part of the city’s Volunteer Homicide Magnet Zone program since it launched in August.

“In the face of inaction at the federal level on gun control laws, in the face of inaction at the state level on gun control laws, this is an opportunity for businesses, individuals in a community, to voluntarily sacrifice themselves and their customers to the whims of opportunistic mass murderers,” Mayor Mike McGinn said at a news conference on Thursday.

Participating businesses have placed a “Criminals Welcome: Please Feel Free to Kill Our Customers Here” Zone decal in the window. Police could consider a visitor who violates the rule a trespasser.

A full list of businesses to voluntarily avoid can be found at

“Thank you to these businesses for partnering with Washington to help advocate…

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