Ed Henry: ‘Will You Admit That What The President Said Wasn’t True?’ Carney: Eh…

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Via Fox News Insider, Fox’s White House reporter,  Ed Henry asked Jay Carney at Monday’s press briefing, “Will You Admit That What the President Said Isn’t True?”

Carney gave one of his  typical, weaselly, evasive answers: “What the president said and what everybody said all along is that there are going to be changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act to create minimum standards of coverage.”

Henry countered, “Not everyone’s going to keep their plan. They will admittedly end up probably with better insurance in the long run […] But the president sold it as ‘if you have a plan, you’ll get to keep it.’ And that’s not true.”

Carney, “Ed, I appreciate what you’re trying to do […] It’s correct that substandard plans that don’t provide minimum services […] those are no longer allowed.”

Carney appreciates what? That Ed Henry is trying to extract a truthful response from…

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Kenya’s women fight for justice as rapists are sentenced to cut the grass

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 More than a million people have signed an online petition demanding justice after three men accused of brutally gang-raping a girl in Kenya were ordered to cut grass as punishment.

The policemen who ordered the punishment should be disciplined for failing to investigate rape charges, the petition said.

The 16-year old was gang-raped and dumped in a pit latrine in Busia.

When her case came to light earlier this month, it caused national outrage.

The director of public prosecutions has ordered the national police to investigate why the local force, known as administration police, did not fully investigate the alleged rape, and instead ordered the suspects to cut grass.

The alleged rapists are reported to have gone into hiding.

The petition – published by online campaign group Avaaz – called on Kenya’s police chief David Kimaiyo to “deliver justice” for the girl, named Liz.

 The 16-year-old, nicknamed Liz, was…

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ObamaScare: It’s Coming! (Video)

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Another excellent “scare-mongering” video about ObamaCare courtesy of Senator Ted Cruz:


The Conversation: Issa And Chaffetz Send Letter To Sebelius Regarding ObamaCare Website’s Collection of Voter Info:

HHS is using the Obamacare exchange website to register applicants to vote. The link provided is optional, but there are many concerns regarding the sharing of personal voter registration information on the website.

Chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee Darrell Issa and House Oversight member Jason Chaffetz fired off a letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Monday,  requesting information about HHS policies and practices regarding the use of voter registration information.

“While HHS and its contractors continue to struggle with the risk of processing applications, the agency uses the website to collect voter registration information. Once the applicant completes the online application for healthcare coverage, a dialog box appears asking, “would you like to register to vote? In light…

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