Steny Hoyer admits Democrats knew people would lose their healthcare coverage under Obamacare

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 Yesterday was a bad day for the president; first the White House was forced to admit that some people would not be able to keep their healthcare coverage now that Obamacare is the law of the land, and then we learned Barack Obama has known for three years that millions of people would lose their healthcare coverage under his signature legislation.

  Of course during those three years in which Barack Obama knew the truth he continued to tell the useful idiots that they would be able to keep their plan if they liked it, purposely lying to the American people to push his radical agenda.

  And then today Steny Hoyer, when pressured by reporters, admitted that they all knew people would lose their healthcare coverage:

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Ted CRuz sets Trayvon Martin’s mother straight on Stand Your Ground Laws

The Daley Gator

WOW! God bless Senator Cruz

I do, of course feel sympathy for this woman, she lost her child, but my sympathy ends when she tries to use the justified killing of her son, and yes, it was, I believe justified, to stamp out my right to defend my life, and the lives of my family. Sorry, but a mother’s grief pales in comparison to the grief that legislating against the most basic human right, that of self-defense, would cause. No “justice” will ever come from disarming the law-abiding or interfering with their right to protect themselves by criminalizing a basic human right.


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Obama Has ‘Absolutely Been Abusing His Power’

Jorge Ramos interviewed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for an October 28 episode of “AMERICA with Jorge Ramos.” Here’s an excerpt:

Jorge Ramos: I was listening to a speech by your father Rafael last July in Salt Lake City and he made a comparison between- of course he was born in Cuba.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX): Right.

Ramos: He made a comparison between Fidel Castro the dictator and President Obama. Do you agree with it?

Cruz: Well, I will say that it is an incredible blessing to be the child of an immigrant. To be the child of someone like my father who fled oppression and came here with nothing. And one of the real benefits of that is you appreciate how precious and fragile is the freedom we have here. My father has seen what happens when-

Ramos: And it is a terrible dictatorship in Cuba. But is it fair to compare it with the United States? I mean is President Barack Obama a dictator from your point of view?

Cruz: Well the point he made- look obviously there are enormous differences between President Obama and Fidel Castro.

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talian Anti-Racist Activist Raped by Illegal Alien From Morocco

Top Conservative News reported:

An Italian social worker and “anti-racist” activist became the victim of a hate crime after attending an “anti-racism” event called the “Festival multietnico” in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

The rape victim and her fiance befriended an illegal alien during the festival and accepted an invitation to stop by his home. The fiances was held captive at knife point, while the female victim was raped.

The attack took place last June, however the police have just now arrested a suspect. The suspect is Buojemaa Es Sahly, a 32 year old illegal alien from Morocco.