The Case for Ken Cuccinelli

Deo Vindice

The Case for Ken Cuccinelli

As Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign suffers from Virginia’s proximity to Washington,DC, (Oh, that the National Capitol were back in Philly or The City!), Virginians should consider the good, hard reasons to elect Ken as our 72nd Governor.   

  • Proven Champion.  Ken proved his leadership on social Conservative, fiscal Libertarian and strict Constitutional issues.  A few years ago, when only 5 of Virginia’s Senators could be trusted on every vote, Ken – and Mark Obenshain, were there.  Ken’s leadership goes beyond trustworthiness, he is a real champion for ideas and The People.  Ask any political activist.  He’s loyal and true.  He is bold.
  • Stop Obamacare.  Ken will do everything in his power to stop Obamacare.  He makes the Constitutional, legal, and moral arguments against socialized medicine, government take over of medical services, and Federal intrusion into the lives of sovereign citizens.  Virginia’s Governor has real…

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Allen West “Obama will never take any responsibility because he believes his cult of personality will hide his deceit”

Allen West Republic


Written by Allen West on October 30, 2013 for

You can tell when President Obama is on defense. He runs out and gives a whiny speech before mindless lemmings who are coached when to clap. Mr. Obama is a classic narcissist who needs adoration, especially after the Washington Post gave him four Pinocchio’s over his pledge that “no one will take away your health plan.”

Obama has now demonized the private insurance plans which had worked fine for millions of Americans until he came along. Obama is the bad apple, not the plans.

President Obama will never take any responsibility because he believes his cult of personality will hide his deceit.


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White House Releases New Definition For Slimeball

Real Science

“If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period,” Obama said in 2009, during an American Medical Association conference. “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.” 

But White House Press Secretary Jay Carney claimed Tuesday that Obama did not mislead the American people.

“The president was clear about a basic fact,” Carney said, explaining that those who liked their plan could continue to keep that plan so long as the policy didn’t change. 

Top Dem admits ObamaCare could have been ‘more precise’ about people losing health plans | Fox News

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*Videos* Women who defied Saudi driving ban fear repercussions

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(CNN) — Several women who publicly supported a campaign to defy Saudi Arabia’s de facto ban on women driving fear they are being followed and investigated by the country’s secret police.

The women, who requested anonymity due to their concerns for their safety, described to CNN Monday how they’d been “followed by cars filled with men since Saturday,” when dozens of women across the kingdom participated in the October 26 Women’s Driving Campaign.

At least five women said vehicles had been parked outside their houses since Saturday.

 “I don’t know for sure if it is secret police or just men trying to harass us because we want the right to drive, but they are trying to intimidate us, said one woman.

“I’m positive I’m being followed by the secret police since Saturday,” said another, who added she’d gotten no official word she was being investigated.

Over the…

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