Jailed Pussy Riot Member Missing Following Prison Transfer

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From Buzzfeed:

Jailed Pussy Riot member Nadya Tolokonnikova has disappeared after being moved from a prison in Mordovia 10 days ago, her family said on Friday.

Tolokonnikova’s father and husband said they last knew her precise whereabouts on Oct. 21, when she was suddenly taken from her prison colony in the Russian republic of Mordovia and moved without explanation from Russian officials. “No one knows anything,” her father, Andrei Tolokonnikov, said by telephone from Moscow. “There’s no proof she’s alive, we don’t know the state of her health. Is she sick? Has she been beaten?”

Tolokonnikova, 23, was moved after launching a hunger strike to protest horrific prison conditions. She had also written an open letter denouncing “slave-like” work conditions at the labor colony that recalled the worst traditions of Soviet-era imprisonment.

Her husband, Petya Verzilov, and a group of supporters regularly protested near the prison colony and prison hospital…

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Woman Dies in Jail after Refusing to Renounce Christianity

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Debesai died during the week of Oct. 14 of pneumonia, following a year of imprisonment in harsh conditions, where she was denied access to medical treatment because she refused to denounce her Christian beliefs.

Debesai’s death also coincided with the arrest of around 70 Christians at a prayer gathering in Asmara, the capital.

These arrests bring to nearly 300 the number of Christians known to have been taken into custody this year in what local Christians have called the most serious campaign against the Eritrean Church yet.

via Christian Woman Dies in Eritrean Jail as Prisoner of Conscience.

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MIT Students Produce A Prototype Personal Air Conditioner


MIT Students Develop Wearable Cooling Device That Could Make Air Conditioning Obsolete




” We come across quite a lot of cool technology, but it’s not every day that we find something that can literally cool you down. 

Developed by four engineering students at MIT, Wristify is a prototype wearable device that leverages the physical phenomenon known as the Peltier effect to reduce your body temperature.

Wristify is basically a series of these junctions (called a Peltier cooler) powered by a small battery and attached to a wrist strap. When placed against the skin, the device makes you feel cooler by reducing the temperature of your wrist a few fractions of a degree per second for a couple seconds at a time. Over the course of a few minutes, this process will cause you to perceive a whole-body cooling of a couple degrees Celsius. “







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NASA : Rewriting The Past In Antarctica

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In 2005, NASA showed that Antarctica had been strongly cooling for 20 years

ScreenHunter_07 Nov. 04 15.52

SVS Animation 3188 – Antarctic Heating and Cooling Trends

But that story wan’t going to scare anyone into giving up their money, so in 2007 they changed Antarctica’s history from cooling to warming.

ScreenHunter_08 Nov. 04 15.53

Disintegration: Antarctic Warming Claims Another Ice Shelf : Feature Articles

RSS and UAH satellite temperatures show no warming in Antarctica, but NASA climate scientists rarely, if ever, let actual facts get in the way of their propaganda. The ability and willingness to lie boldly and confidently makes them ideal White House employees.

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