Public Education is just one of the biggest problems America faces

The Daley Gator

Indoctrination is their game, not education, and if you, as a parent dare challenge them, well the gloves come off you Neo-Nazi

A Pennsylvania father objected when his daughter’s middle-school history teacher assigned a project about a New York Times article blaming Republicans for the government shutdown. His complaint apparently made him the target of an orchestrated response by faculty at Camp Hill Middle School, and an English teacher named Cydnee Cohen left a voicemail message for one of the parent’s Facebook friends:

“We’re having some problems with a parent in our school district and on his page you are one of his friends…but I would like to know, some of it seems like he is a neo-nazi…call me…”

If you are wondering what in the Blue hell is going on here is a solid explanation from Stacy McCain

What’s happening here? Well, for one thing, we have further…

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30 Bodies of Christians Massacred By Syrian Rebels, Last Month Found In Mass Grave

Nice Deb


Via Weasel Zippers,  ICN (Independent Catholic News) reported:

The bodies of 30 Christian civilians, including women and children, killed by Islamist militias, have been found in two separate mass graves, in the city of Sadad. The number of Christian civilians  confirmed dead in this small town halfway between Homs and Damascus has reached 45. Many are injured and several are missing.

The city of Sadad, a Christian settlement, was invaded and occupied by Islamist militias on 21 October. It was recaptured in recent days by the Syrian regular army. When the representatives of the Patriarchate and families of the victims returned to their town they found to their horror two mass graves, where they found the bodies of their relatives and friends. In an atmosphere of grief, outrage and emotion, the funerals of the 30 Christians were celebrated by Archbishop Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh, Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan of Homs…

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RU- Why The Hell I Am Supposed To Feel Sorry For Militant LGBT/Feminazi Pussy Rioters?

The Mad Jewess

RU- Why the hell I Am Supposed To Feel Sorry For Militant LGBT/Feminazi Pussy Rioters?

P. Rioters are sick, demented, she b*tches who deplore God and sanity…Their name alone is indecent. I have no sympathy for totalitarian, militant LGBT homosexuals or Communists. At all.  They are deserving of a cold winter in Siberia

I have gotten 3 emails and 2 tweets about the “Pussy Rioters” from Russia–You know, those feminist witches who undermined Russia last year and were sent to prison.  Wow, there is such a country that punishes treachery.. Imagine that.. These women wish to prance around naked act like jackasses, and interrupt church services with indecent clothing..  Evidently, one of these freaks has been sent to Siberia.  Someone described Siberia as being ‘torturous’ to me today.  Another emailed me and said that this is the ‘Gulag and I should feel sad and sorry’ for these immoral hags.


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