Resend! Data Missing! Christian & Jewish Clergy Say YES! We all pray to Allah!

Resend! Data Missing! Christian & Jewish Clergy Say YES! We all pray to Allah!.

That’s what interfaith dialogues are all about: To turn otherwise good men and women to the dark side of Islam. And that’s what ACT! TX Beware False Prophets is about: To show you how it’s being down, where it’s happening and what you have to listen for.

There are few bigger betrayals than the clergy leading its congregation to believe that Islam is safe. It is not.

Come to the Hurst Conference Center, 1601 Campus Dr., Hurst TX at 1:00 PM on Saturday, 11/16, and hear what you need to know about this shocking collusion between the clergy and the imams who prey on them. Learn what you need to know, who’s doing it, and where it’s happening. It’s here, in Texas, and in Tarrant County.

Click on the link to read the mini-bios of the speakers, and sign up to get your tickets:

Looking forward to seeing you there and thank you for all you do to protect the country,

Obamabus Runs Over 250,000 Coloradans, Flees Scene

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Nearly a quarter of a million Coloradans will lose their existing health insurance policies under Obamacare, the Colorado Division of Insurance (DOI) announced.

Hardly anyone is replacing those policies with new ones chosen through the state-run health care exchange.

To date, only 3,408 people have enrolled in new policies under the Affordable Care Act in Colorado, an increase of just 244 people since previous figures were released on Oct. 28.

via Insurers canceling 250,000 plans in Colorado | The Daily Caller.


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Un-Armed Iowa Youth Shot To Death By Cops


Tragic End To Father’s Attempt To Teach Son A Lesson





” When James Comstock refused to purchase his 19-year-old son cigarettes, the teenager drove off in his father’s truck. Attempting to teach his rebellious son a lesson, Comstock phoned the police to report his vehicle stolen.

This lesson ended with the police fatally shooting the his son, Tyler, on the Iowa State University campus.

As Ames Police Officer Adam McPherson pursued Tyler across the ISU campus, he allegedly rammed into McPherson’s car. The lawn care truck was eventually stopped, although police claim Tyler revved the engine and refused to turn off the vehicle.

McPherson fired six shots into the vehicle, striking the teen twice and killing him, according to the Iowa state medical examiner’s office. “









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Why Are People Still Shocked And Surprised By Obama?

The Camp Of The Saints

I mean…really.

At a DSCC event in Texas, Julius Obamacus Nero Caligula Caesar speweth thusly:

Obama-as-Stalin-ReaganiteRepublicanAs Lisa mentioned, we are remaking the courts.  I know that we’ve got some lawyers here, and here in Texas sometimes people feel a little frustrated about the pace of appointments here in Texas.  But you should know that in addition to the Supreme Court, we’ve been able to nominate and confirm judges of extraordinary quality all across the country on federal benches. We’re actually, when it comes to the district court, matching the pace of previous Presidents.  When it comes to the appellate court, we’re just a little bit behind, and we’re just going to keep on focused on it.

It seems a lot of people are aghast that the Jug-Eared Tyrant would say ‘we are remaking the courts’.

To those who are appalled, let me ask: what is it about the phrase…

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NC Traffic Alert Warns Of Women Drivers, Rain And Obamacare

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The North Carolina Department of Transportation sent out a traffic alert, warning people of female drivers, rain and Obamacare.

The North Carolina DOT sends out routine alerts to drivers about accidents and road work using email and Twitter messages.

On Wednesday, the NCDOT sent out an alert which reads: “A High severity incident has been Added for I-40 Eastbound in Wake County in Raleigh,” before going on to list the incident as “Vehicle Accident: Women Drivers, Rain, Obama Care.”

via NC Traffic Alert Warns Of Women Drivers, Rain And Obamacare | Weasel Zippers.

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