Democracy Now : “We Are Living in the World Occupy Made”: New York City Voters Elect Mayor Who Vows to Tax the Rich

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Published on Nov 8, 2013 – Tuesday’s election signaled a political sea change in New York City as voters chose a candidate who repeatedly emphasized his progressive vision. The city’s public advocate, Bill de Blasio, crushed Republican Joe Lhota in the mayoral race to replace billionaire mayor Mike Bloomberg. De Blasio is set to become the first Democrat to lead the city in two decades. During his campaign, de Blasio’s signature message focused on what he called a “tale of two cities” and challenge the police department’s controversial “stop-and-frisk” program. Mayor-elect de Blasio rose to power with the help of the Working Families Party, an independent political coalition sponsored by labor unions and focused on reducing social and political inequality. The party’s grassroots organizing efforts are not limited to New York. It recently won landmark legislation to tackle the student debt crisis in Oregon, fought the corporate…

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KooKoo Brock From Media Matters: #BenghaziGate Is A “Right Wing Hoax”

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Brock From Media Matters BenghaziGate is a “Right Wing Hoax

How is this a ‘right wing’ hoax?  Did the right wing send Ambassador Stevens to Benghazi so they could make up a faux story about a gay ambassador who got anally raped after they tortured him to death while trying to overthrow Gaddafi?  Remember now, gay Chris Stevens was a buddy of Hitlery.  Brock is also a fellow gay, isn’t he? How is this a hoax?  You know what?  Brock is a Communist asshat who gets cash from George Soros.  Making him Soros’s  psychological a$$ b*tch.

Have you all ever seen the whole picture of the suffering this person had to endure because of Hitlery and Obama?


This is the hoax, Brock:  YOU.  

YOU, who used to be ‘righteously indignant’ against FOX and now does the same thing that you accused Fox of doing.. LYING, sensationalizing and…

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Orwell: No one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it

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orwell-fabian-huxleyFrom TruthstreamMedia:

1984 describes the ultimate tyranny to come. Or the retro-nightmare future that might-have-been, had it not been outdone by reality. Aldous Huxley – famous author, heir to the intellectual threads of Eugenics, Darwinism, Fabian Socialism and Humanitarian Scientism as a world religion – made his disagreements with his former pupil George Orwell quite clear in a 1962 speech at Berkeley as well as in writings like Brave New World: Revisited.

Orwell’s stark and forceful police state manufactured and maintained order with the psychological dominance of the ever-watchful Big Brother, by utilizing high-tech surveillance, the editing of reality, the propagation of dizzying misinformation and rule by an iron fist.

For Aldous Huxley, however, Orwell had missed the point. The Nazis and Soviets were incomplete models for the emerging world order. The real tyranny was scientific in its approach, sophisticated and slight in its maneuvered hand. Mankind wouldn’t face…

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