AIM: Oh the Irony: ObamaCare Example can’t get Health Care

WASHINGTON — Jessie Sanford, a 48-year-old single mother who lives in the state of Washington, thought she could get access to health care with the passage of ObamaCare. Now, she cannot under the complexities of the laws and its tax credits.

obamacare rose garden

CNN reported that Sanford was elated and excited when President Barack Obama cited her story in a pro-ObamaCare Rose Garden event. She had not gotten health care before for her or her son because it was too expensive.

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Hypocrite: Andrew Cuomo

Hypocrite: Andrew Cuomo.

Instead of throwing away $225 Mil in taxpayer money, Cuomo could save a couple thousand jobs at Remington, Savage and other arms makers at no cost to the taxpayer by ridding us of the SAFE Act.

Pennsylvania created 232,000 new jobs at $60,000 a year plus, small communities and Counties in Northern Pennsylvania are paying off their debt, farmers and other property owners are getting huge Royalties and Pennsylvania is enjoying an economic boom from fracking which cost the taxpayers nothing.

36 of 37 states that can drill and frack, do it. New York is the only State that doesn’t. All the 10,000,000 people in upstate New York have been deprived of an economic revival because of the vanity and arrogance of one man who seeks to further his political career.

-Carl Paladino

New Moderate Iran Launches Massive War Drills Codenamed “Towards Jerusalem”

New Moderate Iran Launches Massive War Drills Codenamed “Towards Jerusalem”

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 09:03 AM PST

By Robert Spencer Jihad Watch

Launching these drills while negotiations with the Western powers are going on is the height of arrogance and cynicism: the mullahs know that the West is anxious to capitulate to them, and are gleefully poking Obama and Co. in the eye, knowing that they can do…

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“Liberal” Love In Cali: Black-Clad Paramilitary Confiscate Guns In California

The Mad Jewess

“Liberal” Love In Cali: Black-Clad Paramilitary Confiscate Guns In California


Give up your guns and be victims of ‘knock out.’  Got that?  You give up your guns and you’re a dead person.  Liberals are Commu-NAZIs.  They are fascist, totalitarian son-of-a-b*tches.  

The State of California’s Armed Prohibited Persons System (APPS) has created an einsatzgruppe dedicated exclusively to gun confiscation. Using gun registration lists, the APPS stormtroopers, “arriving in SUVs and dressed in black tactical uniforms … regularly sweep through California cities” to seize firearms from people the state has designated “prohibited persons,” reports the Fresno Bee. A criminal conviction is not necessary for enrollment on the civilian disarmament register; all that is necessary is an official finding by the state’s Welfare bureaucracy that the gun owner is “a danger to himself or others.”

SEE: Black-Clad Paramilitary Confiscate Guns In California Hat tip, Julie.

…..Just out of…

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Looking for that “perfect Christmas Gift”?? Gourmet Bacon

Looking for that “perfect Christmas Gift”?? Gourmet Bacon.

Champagnes Gourmet Bacon

Bacon is $8 lb. Chocolate Stix $2.50 Bacon Brittle $15 lb. done up in $4-5 bags. I ship 2-3 day priority mail…yumyum good!!!

Analysis: Why Youth Is Revolting Against Obama (Hint: It’s Not Just Obamacare)

pundit from another planet


In 2008, he seemed like the coolest cat to hit the national scene in a long time, almost scientifically engineered to appeal to idealistic young Americans. How times have changed

Nick Gillespie writes: It’s like totally official, now, bro: Even the young Americans who were central to Barack Obama’s election in 2008 and 2012 are sick of the president, with a large and growing majority disapproving of the job he’s doing. In this, they’re just like their elders.

A new Quinnipiac Poll finds that only 36 percent of voters between the ages of 18 and 29 approve of the job the president is doing while fully 54 percent of the kids give him the thumbs down (10 percent didn’t know or care enough to respond to the topic). Back in March 2009, 62 percent of 18 to 29 years approved, compared to just 20 percent disapproving.

Millennials may be young, but…

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Rush Limbaugh Outlines Nightmare Scenario That Would Give Dems ‘Authoritarian, Non-Challengeable Control’

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