Somali police arrest alleged rape victim and reporter

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United Nations calls for investigation after alleged rape victim and journalist who reported claims are arrested for defamation, in latest in a string of similar cases

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If This Young ‘Band of Brothers’ Rallying Around One of Their Own Who Was Getting Teased Doesn’t Give You Hope for the Future, Nothing Will

Hand Over Businesses or Face Jail, Mugabe Tells Foreigners in Zimbabwe

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President Mugabe From The IB Times:

Foreign business owners in Zimbabwe have until 1 January 2014 to hand control of their companies to black Zimbabweans or face jail.

Instituting the “indigenisation and employment” law was one of Mugabe’s central pledges ahead of his re-election in August, amid claims of electoral fraud from the opposition.

The law bans foreigners from controlling businesses across swathes of the economy, with retail and wholesale firms, hairdressers, beauty salons, bakers, employment agencies, agriculture, transport, estate agencies and advertising agencies all affected.

White- and foreign-controlled companies in all of these sectors must hand a controlling 51% share to black Zimbabweans.


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Syria conflict: Children ‘targeted by snipers’

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More than 11,000 children have died in Syria’s civil war in nearly three years, including hundreds targeted by snipers, a new report says.

Summary executions and torture have also been used against children as young as one, the London-based Oxford Research Group think tank says.

The report says the majority of children have been killed by bombs or shells in their own neighbourhoods.

It wants fighters trained in how not to put civilians’ lives at risk.

‘Plea to all sides’

Their report, Stolen Futures – the Hidden Toll of Child Casualties in Syria, examines data from the start of the conflict in March 2011 to August 2013.

Of the 11,420 victims aged 17 and under, 389 were killed by sniper fire.

Some 764 were summarily executed, and more than 100 – including infants – were tortured, the report says.

Boys outnumbered girls among the dead by around two to one…

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