Facebook Deleting Conservatives?

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On August 24th, we published a news article which dealt with a phenomenon, which we have heard talked about more and more of late, occurring on the social networking site Facebook.  In the article, we explained how Conservative Journalist Jane Jamison’s entire network of friends and contacts, built up over a number of years, was expunged from Facebook for no clear reason.

When Jane requested a reason, she was pretty much given the cold shoulder by Facebook.  Knowing that the Digital World can often be a haphazard thing at best, a number of individuals might say as a result, “well, that happens all the time–no big deal–grow up.”  However, the mystery deepens when another Conservative activist with a respectable web presence was also deleted without so much as a warning or ” buh-bye.”  This,  just a scant…

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Scared Straight Santa Style: Naughty Kids Forced To Work At Coal Mine

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Coal minesSanta Claus brought heaping lumps of tough love as early Christmas gifts to several boys and girls on his Naughty List.

About two dozens children, all very highly ranked on Santa’s infamous list, were whisked away from their homes this morning (with their parents’ permission, of course!) and brought to West Virginia, where they were put to work in a coal mine.

While the newest members of the crew worked, they were constantly reminded by the veterans that they were mining the coal for their own stockings.

What’s going on here, Santa Claus?

Santa“Ho, ho, ho, Austin!” Santa seemed quite jolly when he replied to my question.  “I just thought it was time to take a different approach to the worst offenders on my Naughty List.  Clearly, the lumps of coal in their stockings were nothing more than a mere slap on the wrist.  So I decided to try some…

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