MRC: CNN Has Obama Nominee Connect Mandela to Obama — Without Disclosing He’s an Obama Nominee

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CNN Has Obama Nominee Connect Mandela to Obama — Without Disclosing He’s an Obama Nominee On Friday morning CNN hosted Richard Stengel, an Obama administration nominee for Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, to discuss the President’s connections to the late Nelson Mandela without disclosing Stengel’s pending State Department position. Stengel is the former managing editor of Time magazine and hailed Obama’s “eloquent” words: “I thought the President was very eloquent yesterday, talking about what President Mandela meant to him. I think, in many ways, Mandela was partially responsible for Barack Obama’s own political awakening.


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Lord Of The Dems

Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead

Lord of the Dems

“One thing is for sure in all this, and that is that before President Obama ever took office a master plan to circumvent the US Constitution had already been formulated…” DocVega

Barack Obama, the Red in the White House, the grasping Gollum of Pennsylvania Avenue, is now so far out of control that even his friends are beginning to grouse.  Well, maybe not diehards like “Tingles” Matthews and the rest of the leftist rabble at MSNBC, but clowns like that are not really pals, they’re demented apostles. The rest of America, however, is slowly beginning to realize that it’s re-elected a monster.

Not that our skinny Marxist chief executive fits anyone’s idea of a villain.  Then again, neither did fat old Chairman Mao or that German loudmouth with the funny moustache.  But the ideas and doctrines such men promulgated, the murderous creeds that eventually resulted in the slaughter of…

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Maine Snowman Sues State and Federal Governments For Religious Persecution

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

snowman-in-santa-hatI’ve always said that snow was nothing but trouble, Modern Philosophers!

My point was proven again today when a Bangor Snowman filed a lawsuit against Maine and the Federal Government for Religious Persecution.

The Snowman, who refused to give his name, is suing for five million dollars!

Did I mention he was only built today during recess at Stephen King Middle School?

The lawsuit, filed in Bangor District Court by Arnie Chavitz, a renowned ambulance chaser and known associate of Snow Miser, states that the Snowman, who claims to be Jewish, was harmed irreparably when the children who built made him wear a Santa Claus hat.

“My client begged and pleaded with them to remove the Santa Claus hat,” Chavitz explained to this Modern Philosopher, who remained a considerable distance from the lawyer so as not to get any of his sleaze on a brand new toga.   “He told…

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