Frosty The Snowman Missing; Last Seen Arguing With Heat Miser

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

heatmiser2Frosty the Snowman might be a jolly, happy soul, Modern Philosophers, but right now he’s something else…missing!

The world’s most famous Snowman was last seen on Saturday night at the North Pole’s Jack Frost Lounge, where  Frosty had been celebrating the success of The Red & Green Foundation’s Race To The North Pole.

Mrs. Claus, whose charity sponsored the race, told this Modern Philosopher that she had spoken to Frosty just moments before she left to check on Santa, who was working late at the Workshop.  “I thanked him again for agreeing to be the race’s starter,” she told me with a sadness in her voice.  “We made plans to meet for brunch in the morning.”

Several witnesses reported that right after Mrs. Claus left the club, Heat Miser and his entourage entered.  Words were exchanged when the group passed Frosty’s table, and then Heat Miser and Frosty had some…

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One Percent of the Population is Responsible for 63% of Violent Crime Convictions | Nanopatents

The Grey Enigma

The majority of all violent crime in Sweden is committed by a small number of people.  They are almost all male (92%) who early in life develops violent criminality, substance abuse problems, often diagnosed with personality disorders and commit large number non-violent crimes. These are the findings of researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy who have examined 2.5 million people in Swedish criminal and population registers.

In this study, the Gothenburg researchers matched all convictions for violent crime in Sweden between 1973 and 2004 with nation-wide population register for those born between 1958 to 1980 (2.5 million).

Four percent convicted. Of the 2.5 million individuals included in the study, 4 percent were convicted of at least one violent crime, 93,642 individuals in total. Of these convicted at least once, 26 percent were re-convicted three or more times, thus resulting in 1 percent of the population (23,342 individuals) accounting for 63 percent…

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Lower Eastern Shore News 5 Year Anniversary

It is hard to believe that today I am celebrating the 5th anniversary of starting this website, and when the day is over marching into my 6th. This site has come a long way since that cold day in December of 2008. As I state every year when this day comes around, the main reason I started this site was to state the truth of what was going on in our City and not have the lies and bs of Joe Albero be what people believed. I have accomplished that goal as only the blind cult members remain that support him or his site.He is a non factor in the area now as all that is on his laughable site is copy and paste from all over the Country .

The other great thing that has been accomplished in the past year was finally the removal from office of the Queen of hatefulness who had held this area under siege. That person was the one and only, thank goodness, Debbie Campbell. The way the citizens finally stood together and gave her a humiliating defeat to send her packing has been the highlight of my year, that along with the aforementioned moron getting humiliated by Jim Ireton.

The thing many don’t realize about this site is the number of nasty cowardly anonymous comments that are left every day that I laugh at and yet wonder what kind of human beings could say some of the stuff I have read. The thing is to all you idiots who don’t like me keep them coming in, because the fact is undeniable you cant get enough of my site or you wouldn’t be here.

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I Was Surprised That Obama and Raul Castro Didn’t Exchange Spit

The Democrat and Progressive War On Little Boys: Kissing Six Year-Old Suspended for Sexual Harassment

Progressive Rep. Ann Kuster take questions about Benghazi

PUMABydesign001's Blog

Progressive Rep Ann Kuster

During an event scheduled by the Jewish Federation of New Hampshire late last month Progressive Rep. Ann Kuster refused to answer a written question about Benghazi.  Her excuse when a woman from the crowd pushed the issue, “…we’re here to talk about the Middle East…”

It quickly went downhill from there for Kuster.

Washington Examiner

Rep. Ann Kuster, D-N.H., refused to answer questions about the Benghazi terrorist attack that killed four Americans on the grounds that the Libyan city isn’t in the Middle East….

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