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Politics is the practical exercise of acting on one’s beliefs, convictions, and faith. As a person believes in his heart so is he. So the uniqueness that is America, is that the people do have the last word. The progressives have overplayed their hand, they are now exposed and naked before the American public, and found to be wanting….

Like a drunk who drinks expecting a different result….


Feds Disrupt Jihad Homicide Bomb Plot at Wichita Airport

Feds Disrupt Jihad Homicide Bomb Plot at Wichita Airport

Posted: 13 Dec 2013 12:51 PM PST

Loewen was clearly a convert to Islam. This story goes out of its way to tell us that he is “white.” His skin color is no more important to this jihad murder plot than the color of his socks. What motivated Loewen was Islam’s doctrine of jihad. But looking at that makes you a racistislamophobicantimuslimbigot, according to the enemedia and the Obama administration.

“Feds say they disrupted suicide bomb plot by worker at Wichita airport” NBC News December 13, 2013

A 58-year-old airport worker was charged Friday with allegedly planning a suicide bombing at a passenger terminal at the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport in Kansas.
The suspect, Terry Lee Loewen, an avionics technician who lives in Wichita, was arrested earlier in the day as he attempted to use his security pass to drive a vehicle that he thought contained explosives onto the tarmac at the airport, law enforcement officials said at a news conference in Wichita. In fact, the car contained only dummy explosives.
U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom said Loewen spent months developing a plan to drive a carload of explosives to the airport terminal and that he was determined to trigger the bomb himself and die in the blast.
Loewen, who is white, became radicalized after reading extremist Islamic material on the Internet, Grissom said.

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Arapahoe High School Shooter, Product of Progressivism

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Breitbart confirmed earlier that Arapahoe High School shooter, Karl Halverson Pierson (age 18) held “very strong beliefs about gun laws and stuff.”

Such a statement might give one the impression, as no doubt intended by the mainstream media (Denver Post) that Pierson was a product of the far- right.  However, comments made on Pierson’s Facebook page which has now been taken down clearly reflect that the shooter was another angry, intolerant Progressive, i.e., a product of the far left.

Breitbart-Big Journalism

…Pierson is believed to be responsible for wounding one other student before shooting and killing himself with a shotgun. The Denver Post reports that Pierson had ‘very strong political beliefs’ and that one Facebook post he authored tore into Republicans as political party that wanted to let people die…

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Italian protester’s kiss was ‘sexual violence’

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From The Local:

The woman who kissed a riot policeman during protests near the northern Italian city of Turin in November has been detained for “sexual violence” and “offence to a public official”.

Franco Maccari, the Secretary General of Coisp, the Italian police officers’ union, said during an interview on Radio24 that he had pressed charges against the demonstrator who kissed an officer’s helmet. The kiss took place during a protest march against controversial plans for a new high-speed TAV train line.

He explained that if it had happened the other way round, with a police officer kissing a protestor, “World War Three would have broken out.”


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Student Suspended For One Year After Hugging Teacher

A Georgia high school student slated to receive a full athletic scholarship to college will not graduate on time after being suspended for one year last week as punishment for hugging a teacher in Nov.

17-year-old Sam McNair of Duluth High School was found guilty of violating the school’s rules regarding sexual harassment for a hug that was captured on video by a surveillance camera.

The teacher alleges McNair’s lips and cheeks touched the back of her neck, but the student has adamantly denied such allegations.

“I did not,” McNair told KCTV.

“Something so innocent can be perceived as something totally opposite,” he added.

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Arapahoe Shooter Was Obama/Bloomberg/Feinstein’s Spawn

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Pierson also appears to mock Republicans on another Facebook post, writing “you republicans are so cute” and posting an image that reads: “The Republican Party: Health Care: Let ’em Die, Climate Change: Let ’em Die, Gun Violence: Let ’em Die, Women’s Rights: Let ’em Die, More War: Let ’em Die. Is this really the side you want to be on?”

Arapahoe High gunman held strong political beliefs, classmates said – The Denver Post

We need restrictions banning progressives from owning guns, as a symptom of mental illness.

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