Pat Caddell on Republicans: “They Don’t Know How To Finish The Kill!” (Video)

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Fox News’ Political Insiders Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen, and John LeBoutillier with Gregg Jarrett discussed the budget deal, the nuke deal, Obama’s scandals, his pathetic “selfie” with the Prime Ministers of Denmark and Great Britain, and the the “rolling disaster” of ObamaCare, Sunday afternoon.

You can guess what the panel (2 democrats and 1 moderate Repub) thought of the budget deal, and Boehner’s attack on House conservatives, given their oft stated opinions on the government shutdown back in October (it was a political disaster for Republicans.) One good point that Caddell made was that Republicans need to unify behind a positive message.

LeBoutillier added that Republicans need to be prepared to answer this question, next year; “if the Democrats are thrown out, what are you going to do to fix this mess of ObamaCare?”

They went over the latest abysmal polls for ObamaCare. One astonishing WSJ/NBC poll shows that only 35%…

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Pig’s head stuck on a spike outside Portsmouth Islamic school

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A pig’s head was stuck on a fence spike outside a Muslim school in Portsmouth.

head on a stickCapture

The attack on the Madani Academy in Fratton has been branded ‘a despicable incident’ by the Islamic community.

The consumption of pork is forbidden for Muslims because it’s seen as an unclean animal.

madina academyCapture

Luthufur Rahman, who will be in charge of the school, was told by police officers what had happened.

‘This despicable incident happened on December 3,’ he said.

‘I was very upset and left sad by what happened.

‘An investigation is going on.

‘The pig’s head has gone now. We are looking to move forward.

‘I hope it won’t happen again. I have no clue who did it.

‘I was informed by the police and I don’t think this will affect when we will open.’

Councillor Mike Hancock, who represents Fratton, is a patron of the Madani Academy.

‘I was horrified…

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