Jeanine Pirro on the SOTU: “Mr. President, We Need a Leader!” (Video)

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Judge Jeanine began her show, Saturday night, with a look ahead to the president’s State of the Union speech next week. Obama’s themes this year are reported to be about “opportunity, action and optimism.” And she predicted that on Tuesday, the president will say that “he will work with congress in a bipartisan way, he’ll grow the economy, strengthen the middle class, and give us the economic security that we need.”

But who believes a thing this president says anymore? For the past two weeks he’s been promising to bypass congress – not work with them.   And how does he propose to grow the economy? More taxes and spending? More redistribution of wealth? Obama’s shown no propensity for learning from his mistakes, so we can expect him to double down on all of the same economic policies that have been failing for the past five years, and he’ll do it…

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Remember When Democrats Said The Tea Party Was Dead?

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Since the dawn of the Tea Party movement, liberals have been loudly declaring its death.

Do a quick Google search for “Tea Party is dead” and you’ll find countless articles.

Given that fact, isn’t it strange that Senator Chuck Schumer took to the pages of the Huffington Post to write about how liberal progressives can beat the Tea Party?

The Temperance Movement and How We Beat the Tea Party

Why does the tea party, a group that seems to represent a small but extreme part of America, have such undue power?

Its power is indisputable when you look at what’s going in America. Voting rights are being rolled back, even though most Americans don’t support the changes. The Senate-passed immigration law was overwhelmingly supported by most Americans, but it has been stonewalled thus far in the House. The tea party shut down the government in October and has blocked infrastructure…

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Russian Foreign Minister: “Obama/US-Stay Out Of Ukraine” STOP OBAMAS WAR IN UKRAINE

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Russian Foreign Minister: “Obama/US-Stay Out Of Ukraine” STOP OBAMAS WAR IN UKRAINE  History Will Record That Democrats/Obama Started Revolutions In Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Egypt & The US News Never Reported It.

It’s too late… The Democrats with the Marxist, John McCain  already sent funding to the rioters a few weeks ago.  John McCain tells Ukraine protesters: ‘We are here to support you ‘just cause’ …   What ‘just cause?’  Blowing up a whole city, murdering a policeman, blowing up buses??  The US govt has already gotten their grubby hands in this civil war, just like SYRIA.

 The Economist reported that the violence has been ignited “by the passage of a series of repressive laws imposing tight controls on the media and criminalizing the protests of the past two months.”

“Ignited?”  Garbage.  The anti-protest law was signed into action after the sweet, kind, thoughtful protesters blew up Kiev.  (Anti…

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Wealthy venture capitalist Tom Perkins says the 1% in America are treated like Jews in Nazi Germany

Stop Making Sense

Credit: Twentieth Century FoxFrom Salon:

Thomas Perkins is a hyper-wealthy venture capitalist. Beyond his enormous success in business, he may be best known as the man who was profiled by “60 Minutes” for owning The Maltese Falcon, one of the largest privately owned sailing yachts in the world (he’s since sold it). He’s the former husband of Danielle Steel, one of the most successful authors ever, and he owns many mansions all over the world. All in all, it’s pretty good to be Tom Perkins.

Or so you would think! Yet according to a letter to the editor he wrote to the Wall Street Journal, the reality of being Tom Perkins isn’t so much defined by extravagant wealth, luxury, comfort, and power, but rather a growing sense of fear and dread. It’s so bad, Perkins says, that being a member of the American 1% today is actually comparable to being a…

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