AIM: No Care Under Obamacare

I Am Afraid of My Government
By Alan Caruba — January 29, 2014
I came into this world when Franklin D. Roosevelt was President and I have never been afraid of my government until now. I am not alone. Continue reading here…


No Care Under Obamacare
By Bethany Stotts — January 29, 2014
New information shows that Obamacare coverage is, for many, no care at all despite the high prices. Continue reading here…

This is in America, not some 3rd world craphole – Persecution of Christians In Schools On The Rise

January 29, 2014 | Nathan Hellweg

The persecution of Christian children in classroom is on the rise. Many families may have experienced this first hand; while others have noticed this is a reoccurring situation and stories are becoming more frequent in the media.

The majority of the persecution cases involve teachers or school administrators – these authority figures are denying children their Constitutional rights and targeting them for their faith in Christ. Very rarely do we see, at the elementary school level, students bullying other students for their beliefs.

For the most part, children enjoy hearing the diverse traditions of other families, especially around the holidays when presented by their fellow classmates. However it has been noted that teachers rarely stop a student from giving a presentation when other non-Christian beliefs are being conveyed.

These are just a few accounts of how Christians are being targeted and persecuted in the American classroom:

Jason Cross, an 8-year-old student at Highview Elementary School enjoyed taking his Bible to school and reading it during his free period.

According to his mother Jessica Cross, the school had told the boy that the book was “only for church, not school”. However, this isn’t the only issue the mother has with Highview Elementary. She claims that her son, who is autistic, has been treated poorly, has been denied lunches, and has been made to stand in timeout for hours. She feels that it is a result of their Christian faith.

Persecution in schools seems to be most prevalent during the holidays – most of which originate around historical Christian events such as the birth of Christ and his resurrection. While the school focuses mainly on Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, many of its students will identify seasonal holidays with their Christian beliefs.


Obama Step Closer to Seizing Retirement Accounts

Obama Step Closer to Seizing Retirement Accounts

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‘Climate Change is a Fact,’ Obama Declares

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The Statist Media: Reporting the News They’ve Seen Fit to Invent

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CNN Poll: 67% Oppose Obama’s Executive Agenda

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Man dies near fire station after firefighters refuse to help

Alternative News & Disaster News

D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray has expressed deep concern to the daughter of a 77-year-old man who says a firefighter on Saturday refused to help her father, who collapsed across the street from a firehouse and later died.

The firefighter told the daughter he couldn’t respond until being dispatched and instructed her to call 911, she told authorities. Officials said that if the allegations are true, it would be a serious breach of the public trust.

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Governor Livingston HS girls’ basketball coach Andrew Silvagni found after missing since last Friday |

I Have Vanished

NEW PROVIDENCE — Andrew Silvagni, the head girls basketball coach at Governor Livingston High School who was reported missing since Jan. 24, has been located without incident, New Providence Police announced in an email received at 10:29 a.m. today, Jan. 29.

The 30-year-old New Providence resident was reported missing by his parents to the New Providence Police Department on Friday, Jan. 24.

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