New Years Day 2014: Once Again, “A Time For Choosing”

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happynewyear20141As I sat down this morning to write something to summarize 2013, while looking forward to 2014, I was greeted on by such headlines as

MSNBC host apologies after mocking Romneys’ black grandchild…

NBC’s Chief Medical Editor Forced Kids to Sign Up for Obamacare as ‘Patriotic Duty’…

Denver Warns Against Public Celebrations Over Legalized Pot…

ESPN Host: ‘N-word’ 2013 ‘Sports Person of Year’…

Court overturns pedophile conviction because girl, 11, was ‘in love’…

And I wondered how the “Shining City on a Hill”, which the greatest American President in ouor generation, Ronald Wilson Reagan, so wonderfully described, has fallen so far, into a morass of relative morality and situational ethics.

In 1964, in his famous stump speech, “A Time for Choosing”, The Great Communicator said,

It’s time we asked ourselves if we still know the freedoms intended for us by the Founding Fathers. James Madison said, “We base…

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Trey Gowdy Gives NYT Benghazi Report Both Barrels


Trey Gowdy Blasts NY Times Benghazi Report And In One Question Destroys Video Narrative



” Trey Gowdy blasted the Benghazi report by the NY Times, saying that it took them 15 months to learn how to spell Benghazi. And when asked about the video being the cause of the attack, as suggested by the article, Gowdy responds with a question that simply destroys any notion that the video was the cause of the attack: “

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Thomas Sowell : When Arrogance And Incompetence Meet







” Obamacare looms large and menacing on our horizon. This is not just because of computer problems, or even because some people who think that they have enrolled may discover at their next visit to a doctor that they do not have any insurance coverage. 

  Obamacare is more than a medical problem, though there are predictable medical problems — and even catastrophes — that will unfold in the course of 2014 and beyond. Our betters have now been empowered to run our lives, with whatever combination of arrogance and incompetence they may have, or however much they lie.

  The challenges ahead are much clearer than what our responses will be. Perhaps the most hopeful sign is that increasing numbers of people seem to have finally — after nearly five long years — begun to see Barack Obama for…

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IMPORTANT! Now that pedophilia is an orientation…Italy court overturns pedophila conviction as 11-year-old ‘in love’

IMPORTANT! Now that pedophilia is an orientation…Italy court overturns pedophila conviction as 11-year-old ‘in love’

Italy’s highest court has overturned the conviction of a 60-year-old man for having sex with an 11-year-old girl, because the verdict failed to take into account their “amorous relationship”.

Pietro Lamberti, a social services worker in Catanzaro in southern Italy, was convicted in February 2011 and sentenced to five years in prison for sexual acts with a minor.

The verdict was later upheld by an appeals court.

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POS LIEberal: Union Director Janet Marie Vrotsos Tells Disabled Veteran, “I Hope You All Lose Your Limbs & Die”

Please follow the links in the article, more union officials and members saying discusting garbage about our military members…How can ANYONE be in any of these thug-organizations?

Via Freedom Is Just Another Word… H/T Genomega


Her disgusting comments go beyond the pale even for those on the left. To wish that military veterans would lose their arms and legs in war is something that cannot be ignored, and hopefully the left will stand up and discipline their own. Those veterans are someone’s sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers, etc. To wish this on them and their families is truly despicable.
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