The Muslim Brotherhood / Democratic Party of the Middle East


I find the similarities between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Democratic Party most striking. It all depends on how you look at things…

The Democrat party is a political organization with a strong belief that “they” know what is “best” for all people; initially with a strong religious core.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a political organization with a strong belief that “they” know what is “best” for all people; with a strong religious core.

The Democrats gave birth to the Ku Klux Klan, one of the most violent and racist organizations in American history, in an attempt to terrorize and intimidate black Americans to remain on the plantations in actual if not legal slavery.

The Muslim Brotherhood gave birth to Al Qaeda in an attempt to terrorize and intimidate everyone to remain on their “plantation” as defined by Sharia Law.

    Both organizations are political. Period.
    Both organizations have…

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BREAKING — California says it won’t be able to provide water to 25 million people & 1 million acres of farmland

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Amid California’s most crippling drought of modern times, state officials on Friday announced they will not allocate water to agencies that serve 25 million people and nearly 1 million acres of farmland.

The announcement marks the first time in the 54-year history of the State Water Project that such an action has been taken. State Department of Water Resources Director Mark Cowin said the action was taken to conserve the little water that remains behind the dams in the state’s vast system of reservoirs.

“Simply put, there’s not enough water in the system right now for customers to expect any water this season from the project,” Cowin said in a statement.

Most of the 29 agencies serving the towns and farms that draw from the State Water Project have other, local sources of water, but those also have been hard-hit by the drought.

The total cut-off of state water deliveries…

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Police Chief Placed on Leave for Defending the Constitution .. By Paul Joseph Watson


Editors Note:  This is one of the most disturbing stories out there right now and should have every American totally outraged. After the episode with Sheriff Nick Finch of Liberty County, Florida being arrested, charged and fired after orders from a tyrant Governor, Rick Scott, for upholding the constitutional rights of one of the citizens he served before going to court and winning his case and job back with great support from so many patriots and groups like the SAF , not just in Florida, but nation wide.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association run by Sheriff Richard Mack, a personal friend of mine, is not some sort of home grown terrorist outfit.  They want Sheriffs and Police Chiefs to reaffirm their Oath to protect citizens using the chief law of the land, the Constitution and to abide by every part of the Oath they swear by re-affirming their…

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Inspiring message of the day: obesity is not a disease and you do have free will

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According to a new study, it does more harm than good to label obesity a “disease.”  Shockingly, the study finds, when you tell people that they are victims and that they have no control over their physical condition, you ultimately discourage them from attempting to improve themselves.

So when the American Medical Association suddenly decided to throw science out the window and declare that body fat is a disease like cancer or malaria, they knowingly and purposefully stoked the feelings of helplessness that many of us already struggle with on a daily basis.

They also enriched themselves by ensuring that government health insurance plans would cover obesity treatments and diet pills, but I’m sure that was totally not a factor in their decision.

Beyond the findings of this survey, there are many other problems with calling obesity a disease. Here’s one: it isn’t true.

Obesity is not a disease.

Of course it isn’t.


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Pentagon: USA Has No Counter to Chinese Hypersonic Missile

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Pentagon intelligence official says Chinese hypersonic weapon poses major challenge

Bill Gertz reports:  China’s testing of a new ultra-high-speed maneuvering warhead represents a major threat to U.S. military forces, a Pentagon intelligence official said on Thursday.

Lee Fuell, a technical intelligence specialist with the Air Force National Air and Space Intelligence Center, said during a congressional China commission hearing that the recent test of what the Pentagon has called the WU-14 hypersonic glide vehicle “represents a considerable challenge.

“It is very difficult to defend against,” Fuell told the U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission during a hearing on China’s military buildup. He noted that the weapon is “an area of great concern.”


The Washington Free Beacon first disclosed the test of an experimental hypersonic glide vehicle on Jan. 9. The vehicle appears to be an unpowered maneuvering vehicle that is lofted to near space and then is guided to…

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