Muslims Butcher 99 Christians In A Matter Of Moments


By Theodore Shoebat
Muslims charged into a Catholic church in Wada Chakawa village in Adamawa state, set off explosives, took hostages, and ripped through Christians with bullets in a five-hour attack.
The Muslims also attacked another church in the village of Kawuri and killed more Christians there. The incursion left 99 Christians dead.
John Onaiyekan of Abuja expressed his disapproval of the deplorable sentiment, “that Boko Haram has nothing to do with religion.”

He said: They carry out their activities shouting, “Allah Akbar,” …There is a religious dimension that, if we do not address and acknowledge, we may be wasting a lot of time.

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01-24-14 Obama, Soebarkah?, Cult of Subud and SHOCKER Photo!

January 22, 2014


Barack Hussein Soebarkah?

By Jason Kissner
One of the unexplained mysteries in the scanty documentation of the early life of the 44th President of the United States is the appearance of the name Soebarkah as his last name on an official document filled out by his mother.
In a recent contribution to American Thinker, Nick Chase offers very persuasive evidence that the long-form birth certificate released by Obama is a forgery.

While in the midst of developing an argument supporting the idea that Obama was adopted by the Indonesian Lolo Soetoro, Chase states:

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Rebels With a Cause: Grass-Roots Conservatives Outraise Establishment in Battle for GOP


Grass-roots groups seeking a conservative Republican Party are raking in more money than establishment GOP organizations in what is shaping up as a big-bucks struggle for control of the party’s future amid the looming mid-term elections.

Powerful groups, such as Karl Rove’s Crossroads, are this year having trouble raising the same kind of cash they brought in during the 2012 elections, The New York Times reports.

Crossroads spent more than $300 million trying to oust President Barack Obama and win the Senate, but failed in both efforts, and donors are turning elsewhere in hopes of returning Republicans to Washington.

Rove’s three Crossroads organizations raised just $6.1 million last year, 98 percent less than in 2012, Politico reports.

The Tea Party Patriots, meanwhile, are raising record amounts of money, attracting donors angry about compromises incumbent GOP lawmakers have made in recent years over federal spending.

Tea Party Patriots President Jenny Beth…

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Anger Rising: Oklahoman’s Say Obama Is an ‘Enemy Combatant’


With articles like the ones below, is it ANY wonder that people at Town Hall meetings in Oklahoma are referring to Obama as an “Enemy Combatant?”

    Security Adviser to Obama Says U.S. Is An ‘Islamic country’
    Lt. General McInerney Confirms Muslim Brotherhood Inside White House
    If Someone Wanted To Destroy America On Purpose

Voters in Republican Rep. Jim Bridenstine’s Oklahoma district may look meek and mild, maybe even sweet, but their opinions of President Obama reveal nothing but a battleground “take-no-prisoners” attitude.

One lady, for example, said there needs to be changes in the Senate so “we can impeach the S-O-B.”

Said another: “He’s not president as far as I’m concerned. … Should be executed. He’s an enemy combatant.”

She complained that Congress is doing nothing, and that “allows this moron to make decisions.”

“He has no authority. None.”


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Pope’s “Holy Roller Super Bowl Party” To Begin With Midnight Mass

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Pope Francis Holds His Weekly General AudiencePope Francis, this blog’s 2013 Person of the Year, is back in the headlines again.

Known to all as “The Partying Pontiff”, The Holy Father is ready to bring the fun again tomorrow with The Vatican’s Super Bowl Party.  This is the first Super Bowl to occur during Pope Francis’ reign as leader of the Catholic Church.

“It is going to be the ultimate Super Bowl party because it will bring together all the things that make Sunday awesome,” The Pope explained to this Modern Philosopher via Skype.  “It’s going to have football, food, friends, fun…and Midnight Mass!”

That’s right, Modern Philosophers, the Holy Roller Super Bowl Party begins with an epic Midnight Mass in St. Peter’s Square.  It might go in the record books as the largest pregame Super Bowl Mass in history.

“You must remember, Austin, that because of the time difference, the Super Bowl doesn’t begin until…

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BBC: Ukraine “on brink of civil war” — Gov’t: Threats to blow up nuclear plants

Alternative News & Disaster News

Facilities on high alert after seizure of energy ministry (VIDEO)

CNN, Jan. 30, 2014: [Leonid Kravchuk, Ukraine’s first President after it became independent] addressed a special parliamentary session aimed at seeking a way out of a deepening political crisis. […] “Let’s be honest, the situation is dramatic. Both Ukraine and the world recognize the country is on the brink of civil war,” Kravchuk said.

BBC News, Jan. 29, 2014: Ex-president warns Ukraine ‘on brink of civil war’ […] Catherine Ashton, who is holding talks in Kiev with the president and opposition leaders, said she was shocked by the unrest […]

PenzaNews, Jan. 29, 2014: The Ukrainian Security Service has reported anonymous threats to blow up hydropower and nuclear power plants, which have already tightened security by the order of Energy and Coal Industry Minister Eduard Stavitsky.

VoR, Jan. 29, 2014: The threat of explosions at hydro…

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