Greg Gutfeld Reviews Bill O’Reilly’s Obama Superbowl Interview

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If you want to see the whole thing, Hot Air has it. Or I can summarize Obama’s responses for you: There is no IRS scandal, Benghazi is settled business and FOX News is to blame for everything.

I thought Bill O’Reilly asked good questions but Obama didn’t really answer any of them.

Greg Gutfeld offers his thoughts below.

Video via Right Sightings.

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NYC to MANDATE Flu Shots for Children Under 6

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Elizabeth Renter
February 3, 2014

Vaccinations used to be optional. But increasingly, with marketing pushing them from every angle, it seems like we have less of a choice. In New York City, the youngest and likely most vulnerable will soon not have a choice at all. There, the Board of Health voted to mandate flu vaccines for children under 6 who go to preschool or day care.

Image: Vaccination (Wikimedia Commons).

The initiative will take effect in only 30 days and will affect 150,000 children. Deputy Commissioner for Disease Control Dr. Jay Varma says the shots could keep “as many as about 20,000” kids from getting sick. But he doesn’t say anything about the trade-offs.

While vaccine-makers would have us all believe that their toxins aren’t only effective, but completely safe, they aren’t telling the whole truth. Vaccines come with risks, and anything that comes with risks cannot be labeled…

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The Gender Wage Gap and the problem for Feminism

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Recently, President Obama referenced the so-called “Wage Gap” during his State of the Union speech. And whether or not you like it, there’s good reason. It’s a popular topic for those pursuing total fairness in America (and globally).

The challenge the White House currently faces with this issue is that it’s incredibly difficult to pin down exactly why it appears that women consistently make less money than men. Despite continuing to play a larger role as a percentage of the workforce and leading men in attending college, graduating with an associates or bachelors degree, MA, Professional or Doctorate degrees, the belief within the Obama Administration is that women continue to make considerably less money than men.

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UPDATED: Rochester, New York is starting to look like Angola and Somalia

Rochester, New York is starting to look like Angola and Somalia.


Sorry for the broken link, Video here:

Pat Caddell: GOP Should Hire NJ Democrats To Go After Obama (Video)

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Fox News’ Political Insiders,  Pat Caddell, John LeBoutillier, Doug Schoen discussed the Obama/O’Reilly interview with Harris Faulkner, last night, which Caddell called “appalling” due to Obama’s unapologetic stonewalling performance.

The president basically stonewalled on every issue O’Reilly brought up, Shoen noted. “He simply said the facts were not the facts.” And as usual, they lashed out at Republicans for being too soft on the corrupt and out of control administration. LeBoutillier said Boehner is “doing this makeover of the GOP – he wants to look more cooperative rather than obstructive, he doesn’t want to tick off the administration.” He went on to make note of a suspicion many of us on the right share, “Pat and Doug have said to me here that maybe the administration has something on the Republican leadership…I don’t know!”

Anyone with a brain could tell the Republican leadership that he’s not going to win votes by being…

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