Loganswarning: Popular Arabic/Islam Website Contacts Logan’s Warning!

Great post Chris!


quick look at their site shows that they are slaves to Sharia, who hold their perverted “prophet” in the highest regards. Just as the Koran states.

Koran Verse 068.004 YUSUFALI: And thou (standest) on an exalted standard of character.

From the site:


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To study the life of Muhammad (saaw) shows our love and devotion to emulating the Prophet in our everyday life. This short course aims to increase our love for Muhammad (saaw) and following Him in our everyday life. The course will delve into His (saaw) life before and after Prophethood.

Being that I want Islam banned from non-Islamic countries and have no respect for Muslim conmen, my response was short and to the point.

Christopher Logan


To: LinkRemovalHelp@eaalim.com, jarrad.winter@live.com


Did you not see my site? If you did you would obviously know I stand 100% against Islam! I also stand against Muslim immigration, and my country aiding Muslims. So no, I will not help you. That is besides the fact I did not put them there.

#waronIslam #Loganswarning

Christopher Logan, President, North American Infidels


Since my response, Arshad has pulled a Muslim Houdini and disappeared!

Author: a12iggymom

Conservative - Christian - Patriot

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