The Obama Cult—Will you drink the Kool Aid?

Socialism is not the Answer



There are over 5000 active cults in America but the biggest and most deadly of these is The Obama Cult, headed by Barack Hussein Obama.  The Obama-Church/Cult follows classic Cult strategies and steps to draw, trap and keep Cult members inside the fenced work and playground, doing what Obama bids.

Classic Cult strategies The Obama Cult uses

All Pseudo-Christian Cults redefine morals and Salvation as it suits them.  The Obama Cult does this in spades.

Obama, a Christian poser, violates and changes the core spiritual, moral and traditional message of America.  He has turned the real Christian and Salvation message of the Holy Bible into a ’ social-redistribution of wealth’  gospel.  There is no sin or right and wrong left, except how he defines it.  He supports abortion of all kinds and gay marriage while paving the road for Islam and its agenda to infiltrate and take over America…

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Bristol Palin: Proud of You, Dad!!

Sarah Palin Information Blog

Posted at Bristol’s Blog today:

“Stuff Happens”

Just a note to say that I’m so proud of my dad whose Iron Dog adventure was cut short this year.

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Healthcare group claims massive job loss due to Obamacare

America's Watchtower

 Kathleen Sebelius recently said there was no evidence that Obamacare was costing people in the healthcare industry to lose their jobs, going so far as to claim reports to the contrary were nothing but a myth:

“There is absolutely no evidence, and every economist will tell you this, that there is any job loss related to the Affordable Care Act,” Sebelius said Monday in Orlando. “Part-time physicians are actually down since 2010, not up. The number of full-time workers continues to increase. I know that’s a popular myth that continues to be repeated but it just is not accurate.”

  However, a report released by AdvaMed contradicts Kathleen Sebelius’s statement:

A new report from a top health care industry trade organization contradicts Kathleen Sebelius’ recent claim that no job loss will occur under Obamacare.

Obamacare’s medical device tax has already created a job loss of 33,000 in the medical device industry and 132,0o0…

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Kate Upton + Bikini + Zero Gravity


All Of Art & Science Has Culminated In Kate Upton’s Zero-G Bikini Shoot

All of Art & Science Has Culminated in Kate Upton's Zero-G Bikini Shoot

” Behold the pinnacle of human invention. Sports Illustrated had the fantastic idea to shoot supermodel Kate Upton into the sky and then film her while she floated around in a bikini. Now we all know what Kate Upton looks like at Zero-G in a swimsuit. The answer, unsurprisingly, is great.”


  Although Kate has been relegated to the back cover of Sports Illustrated’s Fiftieth Anniversary Swimsuit Edition , it took three young ladies to do it . However , the editors at SI are not stupid . They put  Kate , a bikini and zero-gravity together for a very interesting photo shoot and along with the stills came the requisite video of the momentous union .

  Below is the SI video itself and at the bottom is a video from 1OneMinuteNews that shows parts…

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