Video Of Fight Between KC Firefighter & Cop Released As Officer Is Cleared Of The Killing


Firefighter Gunned Down, Killed By Cop Just Hours After His Wedding

” Anthony Bruno, a six-year veteran firefighter hailed as “courageous and dedicated” by his Chief, has now died after being shot in the chest by a police officer.

  Bruno was a six-year third-generation firefighter who had been with the fire department since 2008, praised by his chief and his peers.

  Tragically, the killing happened just hours after Bruno was married, destroying the future he and his new wife had planned. Bruno, who was in his 20′s, leaves behind his wife, his family, and his fellow firefighters.

  Bruno had been out celebrating his marriage with friends and family, according to reports.”

    This senseless killing happened in December with the investigation culminating in the usual exoneration of the cop by the cops , who finally released this video to the public. 

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Leftists Become Incandescent when Reminded of the Socialist Roots of Nazism

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Obama-incandescentDaniel Hannan  writes:  On 16 June 1941, as Hitler readied his forces for Operation Barbarossa , Josef Goebbels looked forward to the new order that the Nazis would impose on a conquered Russia. There would be no come-back, he wrote, for capitalists nor priests nor Tsars. Rather, in the place of debased, Jewish Bolshevism , the Wehrmacht would deliver “der echte Sozialismus ”: real socialism.

Goebbels never doubted that he was a socialist. He understood Nazism to be a better and more plausible form of socialism than that propagated by Lenin. Instead of spreading itself across different nations, it would operate within the unit of the Volk.

[Daniel Hannan is the author of“How We Invented Freedom and Why it Matters”]

So total is the cultural victory of the modern Left that the merely to recount this fact is jarring. But few at the time would have found…

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Satan, Sin, and Sociology


In his first homily, given on March 14th, Pope Francis cautioned the faithful that “he who does not pray to the Lord, prays to the devil.” “When we do not profess Jesus Christ,” he further insisted, “we profess the worldliness of the devil, a demonic worldliness.” Since that day, he has spoken often of the one he has called the “prince of this world,” and the “father of lies.” And, in the book, On Heaven and Earth, then-Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio devoted an entire chapter to “The Devil”, warning that Satan’s fruits are “destruction, division, hatred and calumny.”

For many Catholics—especially post-Vatican II Catholics—speaking aloud of evil, sin, and Satan is something they may never have experienced, even in Church. Some may have to resort to the internet (or dictionary) to look up a definition of calumny. It seems that after a long hiatus, evil and sin have been “rediscovered”…

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