Video: CAIR’s Hooper’s revolting demand that US troops not offend Muslim troops

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Just to be clear, there are not 11K “American” Muslim troops. According to Bare Naked Islam, maybe 3500 (but not all on the battlefield, and those who are have a dismaying propensity to kill their fellow American soldiers). You don’t really have to listen too closely here to hear the call to make the troops dhimmis: don’t proselytize, don’t wear religious ornaments, don’t kill Muslims, don’t try to win . . . It’s all just toooo offensive to the “American” Muslim troops, don’t you see. Four minutes, all of them gaggers.
CAIR Rep Discusses Proselytization, Muslims in the U.S. Military (RT America)

CAIR Rep Discusses Proselytization, Muslims in the U.S. Military (RT America)

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I Think It’s Time…

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Hear me, and hear me clearly.  The U.S. Government is in violation of the Social Contract.  We know the Social Contract that formed this nation as the U.S. Constitution, and those which formed the States as the State Constitutions.  Together, they create and define the laws by which our society is governed.  But this is what these Social Contracts are: the supreme law of either their State or this nation, and the chief executives are legally and morally bound to remain inside the boundaries set out by these Constitutions.  In Obama’s case, that means he is legally and morally obligated to operate according to the letter of the Constitution – as understood at the time of ratification!  If the President refuses to do so, then he loses his legitimacy and – with it – his authority.  But when the Congress allows…

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I Endorse Katrina Pierson For Congress! Listen to our first female President.

7 Myths About Arizona’s Religious Freedom Law

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by Ben Shapiro 26 Feb 2014



On Wednesday evening, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) deliberately misread Arizona SB 1062 — and, out of a misguided sense of political correctness, proceeded to veto it. “My agenda is to sign into law legislation that advances Arizona,” Brewer said, in a massive cop-out avoiding the central issue of protection of religious freedom.

Brewer stated that the bill “could divide Arizona in ways we could not even imagine and no one would ever want.” Of course, her veto of the bill is even more divisive, given that it now sends the message that it is open season on private religious business owners who wish to live out their religious principles throughout their lives, not just within the four walls of their churches or homes.

She continued by stating that the bill was too broadly worded, although she could not point to a…

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Joe Biden: Losing Your Job Because of Obamacare ‘Is About Freedom’

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

I have been part of the masses out of work. I spent five years at one place only to have it go out of business. I spent about six months out of work before getting the gig I have now. And one thing I can tell you, for certain, is this…

Being out of work was not a freeing feeling.

Maybe to someone out there it is. But to me, it was the most stressful period of my life. I felt worthless and useless, and I was panicked every day wondering how I was going to pay my other bills. My health insurance, at that point, was of no concern to me, but buying groceries and being able to pay off the rest of my monthly bills sure as hell was. I felt completely lost as I applied for literally hundreds of jobs and never got called for an interview…

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