Are You Ready For April Fools Day ? Here’s A Dozen Easy Pranks Ideas


12 Simple April Fools’ Day Pranks

” April Fools’ Day is upon us, which means a prank could be lurking ’round every corner, chair or potentially Saran-wrapped door.

If you didn’t plan the greatest, most YouTube-worthy prank of all time, no worries. You can still fool your friends and family with pranks that require little effort and yield big laughs. (From you, at least.)

This year, forget blasting your mom’s car with Post-it notes and settle for a simpler prank. Check out these easy gags you can pull together before the day’s end.

But don’t blame the Internet if your friends shun you for a few days — it’s tough to forgive someone for a donut full of mayonnaise.”

nail polish soap

1. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish to prevent it from lathering.

See the other helpful April Fool hints here and see also: “50 amazingly epic…

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Bill de Blasio Gets Booed at a Mets Game

American Glob

The guy has been in office for like two months and he’s already getting booed by New Yorkers?

Via Andrew Johnson of National Review…

The mayor, who has grown increasingly unpopular since taking office in January after winning by a large margin in the fall election, was met with a swell of boos from Citi Field attendees as he took the mound for the ceremonial first pitch. He was booed again as he walked off.

Here’s the video.

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DuPont Heir Will NOT Go to Prison for Child Rape!

Sonora del Norte Press

In her decision, Judge Jan Jurden suggested Robert H. Richards IV would benefit more from treatment. Richards, who was charged with fourth-degree rape in 2009, is an unemployed heir living off his trust fund. The light sentence has only became public as the result of a subsequent lawsuit filed by his ex-wife, charge that he penetrated his daughter with his fingers while masturbating, and subsequently assaulted his son as well.

Richards is the great grandson of du Pont family Patriarch Irenee du Pont a chemical baron.

To read the whole story go to:

Peron says—-Who says there’s no double justice system in this country.  Let me see if I got this straight mi amigos….if you are poor or working poor you go to prison for the rest of your life and the judge doesn’t give one damn if you do well there or not.  BUT if you are RICH you…

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[VIDEO] Gun-Trafficking Senator Update: Leland Yee Appears in Court, Bail Kept at $500,000, Plans to Plead Not Guilty

pundit from another planet


SAN FRANCISCO — Suspended State Sen. Leland Yee appeared briefly in federal court in San Francisco Monday and was told that his bail will remain at $500,000 while he awaits a trial on corruption and gun trafficking charges.

“Yee is also accused of a seventh charge of trafficking in firearms without a license, in connection with an alleged proposal to ship guns to a Muslim rebel group in the Philippines. The alleged plan was discussed with an undercover agent who was posing a Mafia member.”

Yee, 65, wearing a dark gray business suit and white shirt, said nothing during the appearance before U.S. Magistrate Nathaniel Cousins.

Taiwanese Animators do their worst, in this YouTube video

Cousins ordered him to return to court on April 8 for either an arraignment on a possible grand jury indictment or, if no indictment is issued, a preliminary hearing on a criminal complaint filed by federal…

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L.A. Times Cooks the Books as Obamacare Deadline Hits

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

The Los Angeles Times greeted the Obamacare enrollment data on Monday with a striking headline, claiming that “at least 9.5 million previously uninsured people have gained coverage,” which is 3 million people more than the Obama administration itself claimed last week (a number that was itself highly questionable, since it did not exclude those who had not paid for their new insurance). The Times’ analysis, however, is laughable.

The data reported by Noam. N. Levey are not actual counts of enrollees, but a hodgepodge of “state and federal enrollment reports, surveys and interviews with insurance executives and government officials nationwide.”

The idea that “interviews with…government officials” who have a political stake in the final numbers could be an objective measure of progress, or combined analytically with enrollment numbers, is ridiculous on its face.

Furthermore, most of the 3.5 million additional enrollees are entirely accounted for by the 3 million “children” who…

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