Bill Clinton — Surrounded by Hookers

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0228-clinton-hookers-7 Bill Clinton  has really whore’d himself out this time — surrounding himself with real prostitutes.

Slick Willie probably had no clue … but the women Bill posed with at an L.A. charity event Thursday night are two star hookers at the famed Nevada Bunny Ranch brothel.

The brunette goes by Ava Adora and the blonde goes by Barbie Girl. According to her bio on the BR website, the blonde is very flexible and specializes in de-virginizing. The brunette “knows how to please a variety of both men and women.”

0228-clinton-stippers-twitter-4We have no idea how they got in to the star-studded Unite4Humanity charity gala — which honored Clinton along with several other philanthropic celebs like Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese — but we can take a wild guess why they showed.

Bubba’s really on a roll — back in 2012, he got cozy with a couple porn stars at a…

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Putin Smashes Washington’s Cocoon

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For The American Interest,Walter Russell Mead writes:  A Politico report calls it “a crisis that no one anticipated.” The Daily Beastreporting on Friday’s US intelligence assessment that “Vladimir Putin’s military would not invade Ukraine,” quotes a Senate aide claiming that “no one really saw this kind of thing coming.”

“Well bred and well read Americans live in an ideological and cultural cocoon and this makes them fatally slow to understand the very different motivations that animate actors ranging from the Tea Party to the Kremlin…”

Op-eds from all over the legacy press this week helped explained why. Through the rose tinted lenses of a media community deeply convinced that President Obama and his dovish team are the masters of foreign relations, nothing poor Putin did could possibly derail the stately progress of our genius president. There were, we were told, lots of reasons not to…

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Wonder Why We Can’t Get Rid Of Obama?

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TRUTH: Obama was sent by God

When I speak about Scriptural matters, I usually tell my non-Christian readers so they can pass by those posts that they may not want to read.  Not this time!  Whether you are Christian or not, you need to read and head this post.  And I’ll warn everyone now, it is not going to be easy to accept what I have to say, but I challenge anyone to show me where I am not standing on solid ground.  So hear me, and hear me clear: we are not going to get rid of Obama or the spirit he represents because he has been sent by God as part of God’s judgment on this nation!

I am no prophet, but I feel the pressing warning of Ezekiel 3:16-21 pressing down heavily upon my shoulders.  I have been slowly coming to realize this truth, but a friend…

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Gay Drag Queens Perform At Military Base and Why The World Don’t Respect Us

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Published on Mar 2, 2014

Gay Drag Queens Perform At Military Base and Why The World Don’t Respect Us, Don’t As Don’t Tell, Obama is gay Damit!, Russia Don’t Respect Us, Iran Don’t Respect Us, The World Don’t Respect Us

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Dozens Arrested at Moscow Antiwar Protest

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VOA News

Police officers detain a protester in central Manezhnaya Square in Moscow,  on March 2, 2014, during an unsanctioned rally against the Russia's military actions in Crimea.

Police officers detain a protester in central Manezhnaya Square in Moscow, on March 2, 2014, during an unsanctioned rally against the Russia’s military actions in Crimea.


Moscow police have arrested dozens of people protesting against military intervention in Ukraine.

The Interfax news agency quoted police as saying 40 people were detained for “attempts to violate public order” at a protest near the Defense Ministry in central Moscow.

Ovdinfo, a rights group that tracks arrests at demonstrations, put the number of detentions at 100.

Antiwar protesters also gathered at a separate demonstration on Manezhnaya square close to the Kremlin and Red Square, which police cordoned off and blocked with parked buses.

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