Iranian Student Caught Making Bombs at Georgia Tech

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Treacher posited: “Why was he making them? I have no idea, because this only made the local news in Atlanta and there was no follow-up. Nobody’s curious about why this guy was making firebombs in his apartment.”

According to First Coast News, “Atlanta police (say) … lighter fluid and a charred pillow and mattress were found inside the apartment, along with the Molotov cocktail and several plastic bottles filled with gasoline and kerosene.

via Iranian Student Caught Making Bombs at Georgia Tech – Fox Nation.

Here’s a link to the local story about this: Georgia Tech Student Burned in Reported Apartment Fire

Friends say a Georgia Tech graduate student is in critical condition after an apartment fire off 10th Street in midtown.
Atlanta police say Saamar Akhshabi was burned from an incendiary device. reported the explosion as breaking news Tuesday just after 8:30 p.m. When investigators arrived on…

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Seven Democrats Vote Against Obama’s DOJ Nominee, Harry Reid Cries GOP Racism

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Take everything Harry Reid has said and done in recent weeks as proof that Democrats are terrified about the 2014 mid-term elections.

Despite the fact that Reid invoked the senate nuclear option, Obama’s Department of Justice nominee Debo Adegbile was blocked by a bipartisan vote. It seems there are some Democrats left who oppose defenders of cop killers. Who knew?

Even though Democrats voted against Adegbile, Harry Reid is accusing the GOP of racism…

Jonah Goldberg of National Review has a more realistic view of the situation…

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Will Obama Declare Martial Law Before 2016? … “Barack Hussein Obama is making power grabs more and more; and is openly circumventing the Congress to consolidate more power to the office of the president. This should have some people very alarmed.”…..| Power Elite

Trey Gowdy: TRUST ME I’ve Been Doing This 16 Years, We Can Get Lois Lerner To Talk…

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Rep.Trey Gowdy on Lerner: ‘make no mistake we can punish her if she doesn’t tell us what she knows’.

Trey Gowdy:  Trust Me I’ve Been Doing This For 16 Years, We Can Get Her To Talk (with video via The Right Scoop)

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