GOP has a REAL chance to pick up a House seat in California – Jeff Gorell vs Julia Brownley (CA-26)

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Of all places…

2010 was a banner year for the GOP, as the grassroots grew in their direction and got them control of the House (they’ll never admit that the tea party delivered it for them…whatever). The “Conservative Tidal Wave” rolled across the country – and smacked into the Colorado River, bouncing off California.

Yeah, we know disappointment here.

For the 2012 races, it got worse. 13-term Republican Elton Gallegly retired which gave California Assemblywoman Julia Brownley a way into the newly redrawn 26th District.

In her time in the House, she’s managed to earn a Club for Growth score even lower than that of Nancy Pelosi, an “F” from the NRA, and a 100% from Planned Parenthood. In short, a California leftist.

Gorell-KabulVentura County, California has always been a more conservative area of So Cal, so it was a relief when Navy Reserve Commander Jeff Gorell…

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Kay Hagan’s Brave Fight Against Citizen’s United

Nice Deb

The 2014 Democrat playbook requires changing the subject away from the ObamaCare trainwreck (which only involves each and every American’s personal health care) to all important issues like the Republican War On Women™, the Koch brothers, and Citizen’s United.  Kay Hagen is doing her part  with advertisements on Facebook asking for left wing drones to sign their names to her petition to “End Citizens United.”

kay hagen citizens united

At the link, you will find Kay taking a page out of Harry Reid’s dingy book, whining about Karl Rove and the Evil Koch brothers:

Stop Citizens United!

Citizens United opened the floodgates for outside special interest groups, run by the likes of Karl Rove and the Koch brothers, to dominate the conversation around our elections. There’s no transparency. There’s no accountability. And it needs to end.

Urge Congress to reverse the effects of Citizens United.

Members of Congress:

It’s time we put an end to limitless corporate cash in…

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POS Liberal Screams ‘Get Off the F***ing Campus!’

7 Modern Dictators Way Crazier Than You Thought Possible

Stop Making Sense

Ethan Lou wrote for Cracked in 2010:

History is loaded with power-hungry dickweeds who rule over their countries’ fearful populations like the Predator in a laser tag match. Oftentimes these people are infamous not just for their cruelty, but also for their bafflingly insane and self-indulgent antics.


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