Australian Taxpayers Should Not Pay For The Delicate – Or Deadly – Principles Of The Arts Community

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Bolt New 01 By Andrew Bolt ~

Every second year, Sydney holds The Biennale, an International festival of Contemporary Art. Originally beginning in 1973, it is one of the World’s longest running arts festivals of this nature. The original family who started up this festival is the Belgiorno Nettis family, who also founded the Transfield Company. Both the family members, and the Company have supported this Biennale since its inception, with generous philanthropic funding, and also having the senior family member in the position of Patron of the Biennale. Some of the contributing artists this year are protesting that the family’s Transfield Company also has the contract to operate Australia’s Asylum Seeker Centres. Those dissenting artists have asked that the Biennale no longer associate itself with the Transfield Company. That being the case, the Patron has resigned, withdrawing the family’s funding, and also the funding from the Transfield Company. This seems to be…

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