Saturday Movie Matinee: American Downfall

Nice Deb

American Downfall:

Rep. Trey Gowdy Discusses His Fiery Floor Speech:

WFB: Ed on Obamacare: We don’t need to fix anything, we’re saving lives!

So dumb it hurts.

More MSNBC Stupid: Chris Matthews Calls On Dems To ‘Scare,’ ‘Anger’ Base: ‘Time To Attack’:

Wherein Chrissy advises Democrat candidates to go on the offense and try something new – use the race card, the class card, the Senior Citizen card, the War on Women card etc because Republicans have never been accused of hating women, the poor, minorities, etc before. *YAAAWWWN*

NRSC: Who Are The 90 Percent?

Features a cameo by my 13 year old hanging with an eagle having a bad hair day at CPAC:

New Obamacare Ad Using “Angry Mom” To Get Young Adults To Enroll – Pajama Boy – Cavuto:

I have some questions for Angry ObamaCare Mom. I think we should have a mom to mom talk – because…

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A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

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